Max's, The House That Fried Chicken Built Turns 70 this October

Max's Restaurant, famous for their best tasting fried chicken like no other. The hindi mawawala sa hapag kainan during birthdays, binyagan, kasal or any celebrations there is in the family. Celebrates their 70th birthay this October!!!

Anybody can cook friend chicken but sa taste talaga nagkakatalo. Max’s fried chicken is a dish made with love through a recipe that has passed through careful hands across generations and is suspected to comprise much more than secret seasonings and undiscovered cooking techniques. 
“Our goal is to ensure we replicate this Sarap-to-the-Bones chicken

experience in each restaurant,” 
-Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Max’s Group Inc., Jim Fuentebella.
Sino nga ba Max?

Maximo Gimenez, a teacher na medyo may pagka friendship award, befriended the g.i. joe's este the American solja boys noong 1945 after WW2 and frequently welcomed them into his home for hearty meal. Dahil ata napapadalas and they liked what they're getting nahiya siguro sila and that is when they start paying for their and later on convinced Maximo to open a cafe.

Ruby (Max's niece) was the key ingredient to the cafe’s success, for it was her recipes that were used in cooking the fare that later became famous. It was the chicken that became a favorite among the GIs, despite huge difference from the fried chicken they were used to have in the U.S. What Ruby had to offer was clearly something new an original. Now known as “Nanay Ruby,” her talents proved capable of cooking much more than chicken, as the favorites among her fare include the famous Max’s Restaurant Sinigang, the Kare Kare, Pancit Canton and Lumpiang Ubod to name a few. Max's Restaurant is a place of comfort that is every Filipino's home away from home.
 Max's Menu


Today,  it is believed that the key to Max's Restaurant's longstanding success is that it was built through the years with the pure intent to be a thoughtful host. 
“Max's is in our blood,” -Jim Fuentebella,
When he speaks of the members of the board. 
“The personal connection we have with the brand is what drives us forward, and is what inspires us to cascade the guest-host relationship to all of our branches. Generosity and hospitality, which are virtues my lola lived, are messages we want to communicate on all levels.” This year, Max’s Restaurant is celebrating 70 years of delightful restaurant service that has managed to bloom from a simple home cooking cafe to a successful international restaurant chain. A 70 year career in the competitive food industry is certainly something noteworthy and a definite cause for celebration. A milestone event that the restaurant hopes to share with its long time customers and friends, Max’s Restaurant celebrates this achievement in more ways than one, and thanks its supporters first.
Max's Branches

Raise your glasses and Cheers to 70th Year of Sarap-to-the-bones goodness at Max's