House of St. Mary Magdalene
Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

And then we arrived... There's a parking area inside but the Person on Duty insisted we should park out side. Hayz... ok then. Goodluck sa putik :P Paid 50/each as entrance fee.

Kaya naman pala... pang Bridal Car lang... charot! After payments being made, he handed us the "Guide/Map" and there nafigure out ko na how it looks like. and me goes "OK" he said di mo padin alam? jan nagpapakasal mga artista. eh sa hindi eh :P

CALERUEGA named after place where St. Dominic de Guzman, father of the Order of preachers was born at Caleruega Spain 

Caleruega Vision and Mission The members of the Dominican family in the Philippines, called by Christ Jesus towards the fullness of life, envision CAleruega to be home amidst the beauty of natre where pilgrims are open to prayer, to creative transformation, and to Gospel values such as the passion for truth,compassion for humanity, authentic human development, solidarity and reverence for life, and intergrity of creation.

And there I am, making my "first and foremost shot" when he said 'HINDI YAN!"

Hahaha ay kaya pala parang iba :P  toinks! This is the CENACULUM at Caleruega

Cenaculum | Refectory

Observe Silence
Bawal ako :(

Are you lost? Get Directions Here @Caleruega
After ilang minutes of walking/hiking for me :P (kidding aside, stairs lang naman) was a glance of this beautiful sight.
Wait Up! Look!!!
Could this be it? Only one way to find out...
AND... YES THIS IS IT!!! @Caleruega
Caleruega, Right?

Actually...This is called...
Transfiguration Chapel
Let's see what's so special about this Chapel...

Entrance Door - Transfiguration Chapel

Transfiguration Chapel - Inside Look
Transfiguration Chapel - Inside Look
I think this ideal for intimate wedding with small-medium volume of guest.
Well define small first hahahaha

Stained Glass Altar
Transfiguration Chapel - Choir and Piano Area

Brick Wall at Transfiguration Chapel @Caleruega
Reaching out to you? Do you feel it too? @Caleruega
And that's the rest of the Transfiguration Chapel at Caleruega
Now here's what I think...
The reason why most of the to-be-weds like or preffer to have their wedding here.

1. Location is far from the Metro Manila
a. Meaning away from the busy-buzy of the world. Here you can find tranquility.
b. Iwas gate crasher at you wedding :P
c. Medyo mahirap ang signal kaya mas intimate and ceremony.
d. Amazing view... pak na pak ang wedding pictures for sure!
e. Batangas na ito. out of town pwedeng beach after for honeymoon :P

2. Transfiguration Chapel
a. Classic beauty inside-out!
b. Stained Glass Altar... not so common anymore. Brings back that old feeling of being at church back then.
c. Chapel Area not to big. Ideal for couples who aims to have an intimate wedding ceremony. 
d. That triangular roofing frame... I find it nice and pretty :D
e. Glass windows allowing the sun to shine on your big day :D Go for Natural lighting they say :)

3. Caleruega Compound
a. You can have your reception party here.
b. Breathtaking view for your wedding pictures + 12 must see sights
c. Trees and all that greens are your wedding witnesses :) 
d. Dorms and cottages ( I'm not sure about their terms about this.)
e. Parking area and Feeling safe.

Close to nature, Closer to God - Caleruega Philippines

Did you know that there's a Tent Chapel of Transfiguration at Caleruega Philippines?
Yup Tent, not Tenth :P cause it's just the 3rd chapel I think. if counted yung Cenaculum hihi 
Up for another hike?... ay stairs pala.
And it's located on the top of the hill :D

Now you know about The Tent Chapel of Transfiguration at Caleruega Philippines
Koi Ponds and Walkways
Koi Ponds and Walkways
 Our Lady of The Holy Rosary
Our Lady of The Holy Rosary
Manaog Drive via Crusis
Manaog Drive via Crusis
House of St. Mary Magdalene
Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
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