The Puzzle Mansion Ticket | P100.00
Cuadra Street, Brgy Asisan, 4120 Tagaytay City, Philippines

Oh! wait... heads up for the slope :P 
and buckle up.

In fairness well-coordinated ang mga staff here and they will assist you towards the parking lot within the compound and up again as you leave The Puzzle Mansion.

I wish you well, Wishing Well or pond, of fountain?  :)
The Puzzle Mansion is a 1 hectare lupain of  Mrs. Gina Lacuna. I just saw her sa TV few years back and she seems nice. I also love assembling puzzles my largest puzzle measures 1 full size of an illustration board. Oh huh! but that was then and di na ata na ulit :P

Gina Lacuna | The Puzzle Mansion

Being excited to meet her I ask the person in charged "Kuya,  nasan si Ms G?" and he just answer me back with a low tone voice saying "Ma'am wala na po sya :( " inatake last year lang po. I said WHUTTT? so sad... gusto ko pa naman sya ma meet :(  Hay on the lighter note her puzzle achievements, works, and collection is here for us to remember her pa din in a way.

The Puzzle Musuem
take a closer look... not the ordinary puzzle 
Lookie look, not you ordinary puzzle interconnecting chenez... naiimagine ko kung gaano sya kahirap i-assemble :P

Puzzle Sphere
Aren't puzzle supposed to be just flats? But here at the puzzle museum, they come in all size and shapes!

Guinness World Record for Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzle (2012)

3D Puzzle at The Puzzle Mansion
3D Wooden Puzzles
Basil's Cathedral | The Puzzle Museum

Light House | The Puzzle Museum

Opera House Sydney | The Puzzle Museum
Florence Cathedral | The Puzzle Museum

4D Cities :P
Tokyo City | The Puzzle Museum
New York City | The Puzzle Museum
Chicago | The Puzzle Museum
2nd Lvl of The Puzzle Museum
Puzzle Assembling Area for Kids and Guest.
Place where to pahinga for a while :P

The Puzzle Store
The Puzzle Museum Puzzle Store
Puzzles for Sale
Puzzle Mansion Jeep
another wishing well Oh well! :D
Keith Haring | Double Retrospect | 32000pcs
The Biggest Puzzle in The World. 
Honestly I got disappointed... Mas bet ko yung "2nd Biggest". For me kasi puzzle should be a one frame photo chenez not puzzle in a puzzle or multiple frames combined. Iba kasi ang feeling nung i-isang goal ang tinatapos mo. If yung sa taas na picture parang smaller version ng puzzles then ico-combine na lang plus solid colors pa? walang fading effect and not so detailed, plain and kinda simple which gets me to thinking na it's not mahirap buuin :P charot!!! Sorry for being echosera. But hey its Keith Haring ano naman palag ko jan :P

2nd Biggest Puzzle on Earth
Las Hilanderas
This is the pinakamahirap sa lahat daw. Takes 6mos for Ms. Gina to finish this.
May tulugan naman for sure (sa bed and breakfast choz)... I mean Ms. Gina assembles her puzzle for 3-4hrs a day only. And this Las Hilanderas  (10,000pcs) is the longest assemble time ever for Ms. G.
6 months in assembling :)

Puzzle Mansion Tour Complete :)