Me and my BestTravelBud was on an instant road trip going to Tagaytay. My major goal is... drum roll, please... 

To buy my first ever Starbucks City Mug (Tagaytay) :P But that's not just it... It's a grand gesture / kickoff of  the traveller in me! and those sb mugs will be the ticker of every city/provinces that I will soon visit :P 

It was NOT my first time in Tagaytay. I've been here for a bunch of times already but still wasn't able to visit some "must to" spots because of some reasons... But this time, it's different :) Go lang ng GO!

Eh yung biglang may ganito??? Fog galore? Zero visibility? Plus rain... 

I thought nasa Mystic River na kami at any moment makikita namin ang Salvatore Brothers :P Infairness natakot ako, pero mas naexcite ako... ito ba ang namiss ko all my life? ADVENTURE is OUT THERE!!!

Be Fast, Breakfast (^.^,) No time to waste :P

Pasasaan bat sisikat din ang araw...

Because were too early at hindi pa daw bukas ng Starbucks search-search muna ng places to visit... ahehehe yes wala kami itinerary :P #Pasaway! Running out of ideas and limited listings on the internet of places to visit in Tagaytay. Some awesome idea came in. Thank you my friend, for suggesting Caleruega na honestly is wala akong idea about :P He said that it is a popular church up Tagaytay... oops it's Batangas pala to be axact. And nasabi ko na ba na I love old churches? Hindi pa? Pues, There I said it :)

Sa kakadaldal ko narating din namin sya :P Sorry I wasn't able to take pictures of our roadtrip getting to Caleruega. I enjoyed watching out of the window eh :P and oh... kaka waze kasi ligawin yung friend ko :P

During our trip... Napansin ko na angggggg layoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nya sobra! And di mo sya mararating ng walang carlalooo! pang yayamanin lang! He also said that it's one of the top church wedding location here in PH. I was like "WEH? baket? Mahaba ba ang isle ganern? and he said "BASTA" that I think is our unspoken code of "Aci Shut Up :P"

And then we arrived... There's a parking area inside but the Person on Duty insisted we should park out side. Hayz... ok then. Goodluck sa putik :P Paid 50/each as entrance fee.

Caleruega Philippines

After our Caleruega tour we decided to head back to Tagaytay for my Starbucks City Mug.

Then we reach our destination... Starbucks Tagaytay at Calamba Rd. Excited to purchase my Tagaytay City Mug... sabay sabing -Out Of  Stock... what the phff!!! I asked the Store manager if meron sa may malapit or other sb branches. He made some calls and meron daw sa Twin Lakes and Summit Ridge. We Asked saan ang mas malapit and he said Twin Lakes kaya we go for Twin Lakes and mukhang nice yung name? lets see kung twins nga choz!

TwinLakes :)
Then... after ilang minutes we were at the Twin Lakes na and ang ganda ng place + ambiance... Classic, Old-Fashioned yet modern in style, only to find out that... 

BATANGAS ang City mug there :P what??? nasa Batangas na tayooo? And the manager said yes :P Ang galing hahaha.. Then najustify why native-natiban ang dating ng interiors nila. Ang babaw pero I was super amazed! I don't know if madi-disappoint ako or what pero ang saya lang hahaha 2city mugs in one trip ba toh? NICE!

So we hang out for a while and enjoyed the place and of course, I purchased my very first city mug na supposedly is Tagaytay turned out to be Batangas :P

Batangas City Mug Checked!
Next Stop... Puzzle Mansion.
mahanap ko kaya ang missing piece ko?. #HUGOT!

Medyo mahirap sya puntahan kasi looban. Buti may carlaloo si friend at anjan si WAZE. (^.^,)
PLUS Surprise!!!...
SLOPE na 45-50degree angle ata hahaha ata :P #Math
Slope, Slide Fest? lol infairness natakot ako at nag alangan kasi baka mahirapan kaming umahon pabalik :P ayaw ng mga tropapips mag papark sa may malapit eh. Akala ko din aatras si friend pero hindi yehey!!!

Puzzle Mansion Entrance fee P100

Puzzle Collection

Mushroom Burger 
Sadness lang slight kasi ampait ng potato chips :( nasunog ata, pero laman chan din.

2nd to the last stop... 
Starbucks Summit Ridge for ehem... my TAGAYTAY CITY MUG :P

Starbucks @Summit Ridge
Lastly is the Good Shepherd Tagaytay for pasalubong.
Good Shepherd Pasalubong Store

And that's my journey on getting my first ever Starbucks City Mug :P lol

Next Mug este Stop?
Antipolo? Subic? Batangas ulit?