"FIVE-ONE-TALK" is the way it pronounced 51Talk.  It can also be translated to as "I WANT TO TALK" because in Chinese "FIVE sounds like the word "I" and ONE sounds like the word "WANT".

51Talk recognizing and honor the value of the teachers in our country in a media event at Holiday Inn Manila Gallery (Ortigas Center) last May 13, 2015.

With English as the second language globally - this is now the very important tool in the global business scene, our ASEAN neighbors, especially Chinese were fully recognized its value in competing in the global market.

51Talk Philippines recognizes this today.  They strengthening its presence in the Philippines as well as providing for additional income opportunity to our teachers.

Ms. Sue gave us inspirational, challenges, and expectation about 51Talk during the event.

Ms. Sue (Country Manager and Co-Founder)

Ms. Jen emphasized "I LOVE 51Talk" why 51Talk was able to benefit Home-based Online English Teacher.


 Ms. Jen (VP Operations - Philippines)


Shared values unite the people of 51Talk and are the basis for their common culture.  These values form the foundation for their everyday decisions at work; ultimately geared towards achieving client satisfaction.

Teamwork - 51Talk believe that best ideas and solutions come from working well together.

Positive Attitude - 51Tlka choose to keep a positive attitude that gets the work done and motivates others to do the same despite the challenges.

Learning - 51Talk understand that growth, innovation, and excellence from continuously wanting to learn and improve.

Keep Moving - fast moving as 51Talk embrace efficiency and flexibility in completing the task and in all their work processes and procedures.

51Talk also presented Teachers that contribute to the success of the company.
Awarding of REACH Winners

Teacher Madge is the winner of Samsung Galaxy S5 and 51Talk is proud of her contribution in Q1

From Left to Right - Ms. Pam (Talent Acquisition Manager), Ms. Sue (Country Manager), Teacher Madge, and Ms. Jen (VP Operations)

Teacher Jesse Paolo is the winner of brand new Laptop for the Gadget Promo

From Left to Right - Ms. Pam (Talent Acquisition Manager), Ms. Sue (Country Manager),                    Teacher Jesse Paolo, and Ms.Jen (VP Operations)

During 51Talk Media Night.
"Why the Philippines and not India?"

Teacher Tina is the Top Referrer and REACH Ambassador with 28 successful hires
From Left to Right - Ms. Pam (Talent Acquisition Manager), Ms. Sue (Country Manager), Teacher Tina, and Ms. Jen (VP Operations) 

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