Desserts have a special spot on my heart :)
I love desserts so much that I bake and dreamed of becoming a pastry chef someday :P

Being in a pastry shop makes me weak, that I have to sit down and order something to  gain my energy back. LOL

Patisserie Bebe Rouge is located just a few blocks away from an office that I used to work at, but I got lost. :P (try waze next time)



Classy-sassy place with HOT PINKs, Dark Chocolate Brown, and white colors of the place. Brown leather cozy couches, and an elegance touch of glass like chairs and tables at some corners kind of a princessy or Cinderella vibe :P


Super polite and very accommodating staff. T'was hot that day and nakailang glasses of water din ata ako pero they were very friendly and polite to offer me more water.
Bakas ata sa face ko ang pagka dehydrated :P

Aside from cakes they also sell breads and cookies in cutesy packaging and casing. 


During our foodie meet-up, we were able to to try 5 of pastries namely Eve, Opera, Matcha Roll, Cream Puff and Strawberry Shortcake 

I love this piece of cake, Looks so sweet but it's not!!!
It's a combination of sweetness and a little bit sour surprise! 
With caramelized apple (still crunchy with caramelly taste) with different layers of cakes pa! (This is my favorite in this foodie meet-up) 

Matcha Roll
I'm not a fan of green tea lalo na ang matcha :( I don't like the aroma and it's taste :( But my Friend Ranne (who's a fan of matcha LOVES IT! and she said that is good and capture talaga ang taste ng matcha.

Cream Puffs
I'm impressed with this puffs, it's not warm na, kaya I was expecting na medyo crusty na sya or may pagka matigas (like the other cream puffs I tried that is a bit crusty and hard) But I must say Bebe Rouge's cream puffs are so fine. Soft and sweet. The filling is creamy and light and you'll be asking for more!

I picture this piece as "tiramisu-like" thingy. coffee and cocoa combine. Super chocolatey that I find it too strong. Just this size (shown on my pictures will satisfy you. BUT I'm not saying it's not that good. I just don't feel liking it that day. maybe it'll be good during coffee-time  or a midnight companion during those super busy-can't sleep-won't sleep-not allowed to sleep-times because you have to finish something urgent :P plus you will saw it shine and shimmer with it's goldy garnishings (edible gold)

Strawberry Shortcake
A berry bitty cake, with berry big possibilities, and fruit-filled fun, Is the secret to the recipes, She may be small, No task is too tall, just give it a bite and you'll fall... in love with it! (hahahah sorry for being corny, I just can't let it pass... words derived from strawberry shortcake cartoons.. super lss ako jan dahil favorite yan ng mga girls ko :) But back to the cake, AY super! Light fluffy cake with white fluffy frosting and strawberry flavored filling perfect combination. P.S the strawberry flavor in it tasted so natural. Unlike other cakes I tried na halatang it's not real :( some cakes kasi tasted sooo artificial and awkward ( minsan nga nahahalintulad ko ang lasa sa lipgloss or sa filling ng isang crakers :P hmm aminin alam nyo toh?) kaya I was kind of happy tasting this cake, finally something to look forward to and the reason why I must come back to Bebe Rouge.

Overall, I am rating Patisserie Bebe Rouge with 3.5
A pretty and classy pastry shop with French-Japanese touch in it. Just along Makati :) 

Patisserie Bebe Rouge
1012 Buma Buildiing, Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio, Makati City
(02) 897-7207 | 091-756-07298
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