"This exhibit shifts perspective on technology and art as we bring them together in a whole new different level with the collection that we will display,” 
- Ryan Abeledo, Chairperson of Multimedia and curator of the exhibit. 

Students artwork on display and even free animation workshops, meron! Sinama ko my kids para maging aware sila sa ganitong side :) Although on the other hand gusto ko na gustuhin nila ang technology, and mukhang they like it naman na! I'm hoping my eldest will follow his dad's footstep but sana waaaay better :P -sorry dad (^.^,) and my daughter mukhang mini me, mahilig mag drawings and ehem, magaganda ang stick people nya baka sya ang magpatuloy ng animation career ko -toinks!

The Highlight of the day.

  The Multi-Media Centerpiece
This is eye-popin for me!

 Oh my gosh, it could have been me :P
I love drawings, sketching and if I pursue my animated dreams wait what? 
Malamang lumelevel na din ako here hahaha.

In line with the iACADEMY student's artwork exhibit,  is the social media voting.
Where iacademians will vote for their artwork they like best or support :)

Social media vote for favorite artwork and the winner is... see it here  
Here's the complete listing of the displays at The iACADEMY talent showcase

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