Here comes the summer sun, who burns my skin. 
I  ache again, I'm over you 
-a line from  "texas" song :)

Yes, Summer is almost here, feeling the heat from "Summer Sun"? While everyone is so excited to head out for the summer time of our lives please be minded that you need protection from sun too. 

You know what they say, clear skies and a sunny day seems everybody's kind of summer time. But we need protection from the glorious sun too. Come on, UV ray is bad for our skin, right? It can cause premature skin aging. So gear up with the most basic and practical tool, The UMBRELLA.

But will you girls settle for anything less? What if I say there's a latest innovation from the beauty expert?
SunExpert from Belo Essentials come up with the SunBrella, uhm... NOT YOUR ORDINARY UMBRELLA!

Belo SunExpert Sunbrella is here!!!

with UPF 50 that effectively filters out more than 97% of harmful Ultra Violet rays.
 UPF represents the fabrics ability to minimize UV transmissions
*Belo SenExpert SunBrella UPF50 is tested using accepted methodology to meet appropriate UPF is rating.
Old Fashion yet Pretty Classic Look
Dome shape, wooden-like (light-weight) cane for easy grip, 
And the patterns were pretty too! Sturdy yet handy (^.^,)

Belo SunExpert, SunBrella is fashionably stylish and functional. Lovin' the  bright colors too, and I enjoyed flaunting it under the sun so catchy and girly :) Now I'm not afraid to go out in the sun because I'm protected double time with Belo Essentials SunExpert SunBrella. 
Told yah, Belo SunExpert SunBrella is pretty!
Meet the latest Belo Baby
#charot! My Baby Chloe with Belo SunBrella
Gandang Blurred :)
So Ladies, Gear up with this pretty cutesy umbrelly to protect you from the scorching summer heat 
or even the unexpected rainfall.

Get your very own Belo SunExpert SunBrella for P450.00 here

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