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School Tour @ iACADEMY

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Anong gusto mo pag laki mo? 

That is the most asked question a kid can get  after the "pasikat/bibo moment" whenever a relative visits their home or during Christmas before their ninongs nag ninangs hand them over their aguinaldos.

Ikaw naaalala mo pa ba ang sagot mo?

Me, my answer was always... always... always is to be an architect because I want to build my very own dream house. Just simple as that. 

But my childhood dreams was  easily ruined by my nanay (grand mother). She keeps on insisting that I should take Education and be a teacher just like most of the girls in our clan. And may "second the motion" agad from tita's and even kanila pappi at mudrabells kaya ayun my dreams shattered into pieces :P But nag-excel talaga ang lola sa drawings eh, nananalo pa ako sa mga contest :) #yabang... kaya siguro na-convinced na din si pappi lalo na at pati si utol na hyped sa pag drawing.  pero yun nga it didn't last for long... mahal kasi ang mga gamit at may kasabihan si papa sa mga artist that time that goes a lil something like this:
"walang yumayaman na artist or pintor, kung meron man, baka after death pa"  :P 
kamusta ang mindset dabah? hahaha pero siempre iba na ngayon :)

After so many years, I realized I want to be a Chef, during my time di pa uso ang culinary at sa ibang bansa mo pa sya aaralin so kamusta naman? my only options were Nursing (cannot be, takot sa dugo, needles, and sugat) or  Education which is di din pwede kasi di ko talaga feel :( last is Computer Science na "Pwede" kasi in demand and nainspire ako sa tita ko na ComScie, seems super cool eh. Awa ng Diyos ayun napasa ko naman ang entrance exam... 

*brace yourself for the most embarrassing moment of my life* 
I have to make kwento because this is the highlight of my com-sci days :P

Interview portion with I.T Prof, Question: Differentiate Software to Hardware

***Disclaimer di pa uso ang Google, I was only 16, and nokia 3210 pa ang fone nun, mahirap lang kami... and wala talaga ako idea sa pinasok ko :P

My Answer: 
Software deals with Computer and Hardware is... 
tindahan ng pako, dos-por-dos and plywood.

Honestly, confident pa ako that time nyan. feeling ko tama naman, nang biglang humagalpak sa tawa si madam prof :P and asked for my name, so feeling ko chugi na ako.

But, she said, Ia-aprove kita, makinig ka maige sa mga instructors para next time na tanungin kita may maisagot ka na ha. wag sayangin ang pera ng bayan para sa scholarship mo. Mag aral ng mabuti.

And just like that... pasan ko ang tax ng pinas lol. Days gone by it gets boring, puro sulat, puro lesson nasan ang action? knowing it's computer science so dapat techie, maybe yun ang problem with State Colleges ang facilities and nababagalan ako sa phasing. 

To cut it short, I didn't push through, maybe because my heart was not in it. It was snatched by a 5th year Coe-stud who's now my husband -THIS IS A DIFFERENT STORY NA LOL and nakunsensya din ata ako  kaya di ako nagtagal as a com-sci peeps. nag shift ako sa HRM pero nakulangan pa din ako :P so ayun nag self study ang lola para maging baker and ayun... Sweet Treats by Aci Girl was born.

Moral of the Story: 
Follow your Dreams.
For Parents: Try nyo i-support ang dreams ng kids nyo, kasi kahit anong pilit if ayaw talaga nila walang mangyayare, mag ko-cause lang waste of time, money, delay for advancement and gap :( #hugotpamore

So back to the future, este present day.
We were invited by iACADEMY for a School Tour. My first reaction was makikita ko ba si Tweety bird? kasi paranag acme university ang arrive sa pandinig ko hehehe. Honestly, first time ko lang marining ang iACADEMY and it kinda sound COOL! 

I am super excited kasi namiss ko din ang feeling estudyante, di ko akalain na mamimiss ko ang quizzes, exams and projects, yay I'm super old na ba?

Upon entering the building, I got this different vibe... student were like in a tambayan mode, chill lang ba. Pero there's this different vibe talaga parang they're all connected and shared the same passion or something :P and sa totoo lang feeling ko any moment makakasalubong ko si Logan (wolverine) lakas maka xmen nang ambiance hahaha. There are pieces of artsy figures on display at their mini lobby and the students para talagang may hidden powers... charot! kwento ko later.

iACADEMY is Information & Communications Technology Academy that started in 2002

with specialized degree programs:
BS Computer Science major inSoftware Engineering
BS Information Technology major in Web Development
BS Game Development
BS Business Administration major in Marketing and Advertising
BA Fashion Design and Technology
BA Multimedia Arts and Design

ayun naman pala mga artist and techie peeps :) kaya pala feeling ko may super powers :P

2007, Ched approves iACADEMY to offer the first ever Bachelor of Science in Animation in the country... P.S the first... first ever... taray!

 Located at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel Air, Makati City

Let me take you to a quick iACADEMY school tour

Entrance 1

 Entrance 2

 The Hive  

Room/Lab tour

Lecture Room

 Can accommodate up to 30 students per room
iACADEMY's version of Freedom Wall
hint: you will only see this if youre up for a climb. 
take note, a climb, not a lift huh!
 Multimedia Lab
iMac Lab
With Wacom Galore, My Happy Place 
 Library and the other part is the Student's Reading Area / Lounge
Fashion Design and Tech Room

 Office of Student Affairs and Services
Office of Guidance and Counselling 
and last stop...
Office of the President
I am expecting for an old lady with eye glasses and masungit na arrive. So when this pretty lady was about to shake hands with me... nag buffering ang lola nyo, nag hang!!! hahaha I was like "pres- presi-dent? and she said yes :)

Oh my gulay, nakakaloka :P Ma'am Vanessa Tanco di po ba uso ang stress sa inyo? How do you manage your 900+ kids ay students pala? p.s may open door policy pa ang office nila ah :) ako nga sa 3kids ko malapit na mag-evaporate ang dugo ko sa sobrang kulo :P But it seems like she is a very happy person and if you really like what you do you won't be stressed out.

I'm hoping nagustuhan nyo ang school tour ko with iACADEMY
and watch out for more iACADEMY post soon.

Get Connected and be on the lookout for latest updates at iACADEMY:

^Soon on Life of Aci (^.^,)^


  1. sis magbalik school ka na! nasa linya naman yan ng course mo! Ganda ng IAcademy, ah. Is it a new building? Yung alam ko kasi iAcademy is in Ayala.

    1. Nainspire nga ako ulit. kaso sino naman magbabantay sa mga kiddilets ko :D saka baka kinalawang na ako :P


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