My lucky stars must be in perfect alignment, That I had the chance to be Simpsonized by Mr. Dane Romley WoooHOOO!

Dane Romley, a graduate of Animation from Woodbury University in Burbank, CA, known as one of the animators in The Simpsons TV series and Movie. And the Creative Director of the School of Design at iACADEMY

I had the chance to see him in action :) With those easy strokes he did with the pen, it made drawing/sketching looks super easy.

Lookie Look!!!
The Newest Cast of The Simpsons :)
*just kidding This is me Simpsonized 
Mr. Dane illustrating a cartoony vs realistic doggie :)
Super cute ng eyes nung realistic one, it looks super easy when he's drawing.
kaya feeling ko sisiw lang toh!

Now it's my turn to shine :P

Mr. Dane is very assistive, showing me some of the techniques like the brushes, tips etc. Nahihiya ako actually kasi naman kamusta naman yung apple hahaha mukhang gawa ng elementary or kinder pa nga :P

This is Crazy, I know I'm good at this (wow!) but what did just happen? My apple looks like a work of my 5-year old daughter.  Maybe there's something wrong with the pen/stylus? or the machine? or Me? hahahha 

Sa sobrang kaba tinatagalog ko sya and mukhang nage-gets naman nya. Buti na lang and anjan si Ms. Raquel Perez AVP for Corporate Communications to translate. By the way, Super Aga namin and Ms. Raquel is very accomodating lalo na sa mga quiries namin/mostly is from Osc. 


Mr. Dane seems to notice that I'm having a slight difficulty adapting to the wacom unit.(slight daw oh :P) It's not the same sa pag drawing with pencil and paper and he said: "You'll get used to it." 

Siguro mga 2years? joke :) 
Promise it looks easy, effortless when he's the one doing it if it's me it's super-duper effort! as if writing for the very first time :) *well first-time ko naman talaga :P sa Cintiq :P

And I just need to practice, practice and practice :) Pero mas madali sya kesa naman sa MS paint lalo na if you're using mouse :P 

Super na-amaze ako sa wacom device na ito and nabuhay ang hilig ko sa pag drawing :) yun lang it cost a... fortune :P 

charot! mga 100-150k ata. Kaya ang saya that every iACADEMY Cintiq Lab has 30units of these. 

Wacom for educationWacom offers a variety of solutions to help educators and students create, communicate and maximize the learning experience.

That's me in action :D
 *disclaimer Please excuse my drawings :) #FirstTimer and Nahihiya pa ako nyan.
Next time it'll be better :P

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with CHED's approval in 2007
iAcademy School of Design

For Incoming Freshmen out there or HighSchool peeps who are in the lookout for their future school to be in and who's interested in Animation. iACADEMY is the place to be :)

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images from iACADEMY

 Thank You So Much Sir Dane Romley, 
for the Simpsonized version of Me
for the special-on-the-spot-animation course :)
for cooperating on my signature pose \(^.^,)/

Thank You iACADEMY for inviting me :)

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