Hi There! I know Holiday Season is over and everybody is now in hype with the so-called "Balik-ALindog-Program"  but as I've read somewhere too, siguraduhing may alindog ka before, kasi pano kung wala naman talagang ibabalik #charot :P 

as for me, payatot ako... kaya wala akong alindog :P aminado ako jan hahaha and last year I started feeling different, I don't know if it's just a sign of aging or what. But if it's really about aging Ay! kaloka ang bilis naman?! 28 pa lang ako pero I feel "crunchy" na :P maybe because di ako pala exercise and I don't really mind what I ate (except sa mga ayaw ko talaga kainin) kaya last quarter of 2014 napaisip ako... 
"Girl, kailangan na nating umayos, or else astang senior citizen na si body at your early 30's sige ka?!  -my kunsensya :P
Kaya with that thought, I said to myself, i-launch ang Oplan Magkaroon-Ng-Alindog-2015! 
oi wala namang ganyanan... grabe makatawa? 
watch me and pag nagkaalindog ako who u ka sakin :P jk

This is it, I started attending Nutrition, Health, and Sports Talks courtesy of BDJBOX, TAKBO.ph and others... and lalo ako na inspire kaya I make a promise to myself na 2015 is my Getting Fit Year!

I will run like Ms. Jamie of thebullrunner.com and she's also a mom too and still manage to find time to run, keri ko din kaya? aja! hoping I can do more exercise and maybe engaged myself into sports :) 

Have a healthy lifestyle like iwas carbonated drinks, processed food, and eat GOOD and REAL FOOD, and speaking of GoodFood jan papasok si GOODBOX :)

I've already posted The GoodBox Ph Press Release and introduction
In case you missed it here it is: 

And now, let me share to you my GOODBOX experience (^.^,)

After several exchanges of emails inquiring about The GoodBox Plan, I was asked to fill out this form called the NUTRITION QUESTIONNAIRE found in thegoodbox.ph.com tabs

Nutrition Questionnaire

and Sunday January 4, my first GoodBox arrived.

GoodBox Day 1
Breakfast: Kale and Tomato Eggs Benedict, Juice 660kcal

Am Snack: Chewy Oat Squares 120kcal

Lunch: Chicken with Paella Style Rice, Mixed Vegetables 600kcal

Pm Snack: Yogurt Drink 120kcal

Dinner: High Fiber Vegetable Pasta, Salad 270kcal


GoodBox Day 2

Breakfast: Turkey Cheddar and Guacamole Sandwich and Milk Tea 620kcal

Am Snack: Fresh Homemade Smoothie 150kcal

Lunch: Roasted Rosemarie Chicken with Potatoes and Cole Slaw 600kcal

Pm Snack: Coffee Jello 90kcal

Dinner: Tomato and Spinach Fettuccine and Salad 290kcal


GoodBox Day 3

Breakfast: Avocado and Egg Pita Wrap, Banana, and Fruit Juice 680kcal

Am Snack: Pineapple Crepe 120kcal

Lunch: Shrimp and Couscous With Yogurt-Hummus Sauce and Vegetable Sticks and Dip 680kcal

Pm Snack: Fruit Yogurt 120kcal

Dinner: Vietnamese Tofu-Noodle Lettuce Wraps 200kcal


GoodBox Day 4

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Fruit and Nut Pancakes, Coffee 660kcal

Am Snack: Chewy Caramel Apple Cookies 130kcal

Lunch: Lemon-Poached Chicken and Potato Salad, Vegetable Chips 620kcal

Pm Snack: Banana Flambe 120kcal

Dinner: Eggplant, Ricotta and Tomato Pappardelle, Jello 290kcal


 GoodBox Day 5

Breakfast: Egg Italiano, Fruit, and Juice 680kcal

Am Snack: Fresh Homemade Smoothie 150kcal

Lunch: Ham, Apple and Cheese Quesadilla, Corn and Carrots 620kcal

Pm Snack: Poached Apple 250kcal

Dinner: Baked Fish with Rosemary, Brown Rice 250kcal

p.s will do a separate post as food review :)

My Thoughts...

First Impressions

1. Day1 Medyo late um-arrive si kuya'ng Rider (11pm) 
maybe madami syang pinuntahan before me :) pero the next delivery, maaga na sya mga 9pm :)

2. Delivery on Sunday's for PM sched, nice!
you have the option to choose if you like am or pm deliveries

3. Labelings and Notes
Noticed each container have this lil labels on them that says breakfast if it is for breakfast and if the food is best if chilled or for re-heating. Neat and Nice! Iwas Memory Gap

4. Food comes in Microwaveable Containers for easy re-heating sa microwave oven shala! and kita mo agad what's inside :)

5. Drink in a bottle. 
Ideal for Working and On The Go Peeps! even and coffee nasa bottle na. 
All you have to do, is shake-shake-shake and look up! ay twist the cap pala :P

About The GoobBox Meal

1. Day1 looks so promising!
Sobrang nag enjoy ako sa sandwich for breakfast! Actually akala ko nga di ko kaya, pero nakasurvive naman ako sa Goodbox stash ko for the day. And surprisingly I dont feel hungry or Super Busog. inshort sakto lang :P and I woke up feeling ok and excited for Day2 breakfast.

2. Day2 ang sosyal ng breakfast ko, and I enjoyed it too. Pero today is what I call "Drink Day" liked that I received 2 bottles of drink for that day, and everything is delicious  :) again, I will go to bed feeling ok, not gutom or sobrang busog, Sakto lang talaga...

3. Day3 at bigla akong nalungkot :P Omaygulay!!! and mostly ay first time ko kakainin :P But I enjoyed the fruit juice, yogurt, pancakes and shrimp in couscous and the noodles, something new for me pero ok naman :)

4. Day4 at nalungkot pa din. hahhahaha :) #charot I guess picky talaga ako sa gulay :( I love cabbage, carrots, eggplant, carrots and cabbage hahaha  inulit :P But looks can be deceiving, yung pasta looks basic pero masarap pala super even si hubby nagustuhan :P

5. Day5, update ko later :) stay tuned for more.