TRUST, is really a BIG word -as what Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) said in the movie It Takes a Man and a Woman. And TRUST really takes TIME to build, mga 46 years just the same age as Uratex.

"TRUST-it's one factor that has made URATEX a winner in the minds and hearts  of Filipinos for almost half a century. Trust has empowered Uratex to grow immensely in over 46 years, from a modest company to a highly respected leader with an influence and loyal customers base here and abroad. Partners, suppliers and colleagues associate the brand with ingenuity, innovations, reliability, endurance and dedicated customer service. Recently for the sixth consecutive year, Uratex won the Readers Digest Trusted Brands Platinum Award 2014, an Asian-wide  survey running for 15 years now. it covers a wide array of industries, where winners are chosen based on trustworthiness and corporate social responsibility."

My #itrustU Story Unfold...

I grew up with Uratex foam. 
Pappi (my father) is super strict about this. I remember my childhood days when we don't have a bed frame or bed box but we had a family size mattress and we feel so yaman already hahaha. I and my siblings were so happy and we always jump on the bed, practicing our tumblings or rollover thingy safe and iwas-bukol with Uratex mattress :)

Wear and Tear + Recycling Tips
I have a sibling (name withheld lol basta isa samin :P) who wet the bed till grade 6 and this is the reason why out Uratex mattress was gone to soon. But during those days what pappi did was nilalabhan or binibilad nya sa arawan. Until Mudrabells bought a new Uratex Mattress with Double Deck Bed YAY!!! 

I remembered how happy I was because I will have my very OWN bed na! I'm the firstborn I got the privilege to choose my spot and I choose the Top Bunk :) and years go by the bed worn out but still usable. What my pappi did was he recycle the foams, cut them into rectangles and made a pillow out of it :) and the first Uratex we ever had? he recycled that too as padding on our chairs for comfy seating :)

The Lost Sheep
After having a family of my own, still on the start-up age... I bought our first-ever mattress sa naglalako and hulughulugan. The agent told me that it is Uratex and he is super confident pa as showing the blue foam. so the clueless me of authenticity decided to buy that mattress. At first, it feels okay for me... but days before... YES! just days before... I noticed that the area that I slept in ay lumondo sa part na lagi kong hinihigaan. Months later I noticed powder or sandy or grainy particles on the bed box. what's? this? Nasisira na sya agad? or should I say naaagnas hahaha di ko pa nga sya tapos hulugan KALOKAAAA!!! 

So, when pappi visited our home he checked the mattress agad and said PEKE. I should have bought daw sa authorized dealer (that time kasi wala pang stickers si Uratex or di lang talaga ako marunong pumili) kaya the next time I see to it na orig na talaga or else money will turn not into stone but sand, sandy particles of mattress  :P hahahah

The First Official Uratex  Mattress Ever (for my family)
We bought the 2inch (3 fold) Fold-A-Mattress in Blue Dotted Covers in the biggest size in Market! Market! I'm a clingy mommy and I want na tabi-tabi- kami matulog. kaya siguro kahit ngayon ang hirap i-separate samin ang kids lalo na sa pagtulog because of my actions back then. and as years add to our aged nadagdagan din ang members of our family so we bought another Uratex Mattress, this time single size in red stripes cover. this bed is still with us counting 6 years already :)

This is the Single Size, Red Stripe 2inch  Mattress
pasensya na if it looks madumi and coverless :P

This Ricci's Favorite Bed
This is really meant for her, we bought this a month before I gave birth to her.

Di sya makatulog if may bed sheet or covers ito. She just likes it as is or else iyakan blues. She rubbed her feet sa red stripe sheets na yan until makatulog. One time, na pinilit kong lagyan ng bedsheets want to know what happened? napunit ang sheets at nakapasok sa loob ang feet nya hahaha special connection with uratex lol -That's Ricci- and Uratex Mattress Special Bond

It Runs In The Family
During the holidays, siempre gala galore sa mga relatives after the bibbo moment ayan... Low-Batt! SEE? Even our  relatives use Uratex... 

photo's taken at my Hubby's Sister's House in Bulacan
OMG! nagpaalam ba ako na pipicturan ko beds nila?

again coverless :) see the foot works :P

My bunso under the pillows :)
Ganyan ang drama ni bunso while sleeping hehehe

Home Sweet Home
New Home, New Foam (^.^,) We still had the 2 other mattresses, dun natutulog ang mga kids and si hubby and this one? It's for ME!!! yey!!! malikot kasi ako matulog and ayoko nang may katabi. So after a tiring day or just too exhausted after bake mode, I deserve a good sleep naman dabah? Thanks DaddyO!for this! :)

pero ito sana talaga para mas goodnight sleep...
#xmaswishlist2015 :P

Princess and the Pea but No Sleeping Beauty
Kulit noh? what I mean is ang sarap matulog with uratex, panigurado walang nararadamang discomfort unless pa'ko yan :P the thing is me, and my kids were no sleeping beauty during our beauty sleep :P

Chloe The Bunso 
with the New Uratex Mattress in an old bed covers :P
and Soft Escape Uratex Pillow naka plastic pa para iwas laway my #droolbaby hehehe :)

To sum it up, I grew up with Uratex, we've used their products even when we were just kids, and still using the mattresses even now that I had a family of my own. Through the years, I've seen their innovations and I've known how reliable Uratex Mattress and products are.  

From generations to generations our family trusts the brand Uratex. Even my friends and people I know, do too. I think that Uratex already is part of every Filipinos Lifestyle. From pillows to mattresses, tables, and chairs, up to plastic containers they've been with us through the years and still continue giving their best.  

Ikaw, may kwento with Uratex ka din ba?
#itrustU #itrustUratex

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