Yeah, you read it right, I left my heart not in San Francisco but in PARADIZOO!
Last Saturday, January 10 I, together with blogger friends was invited to visit Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite

Thank God for the super nice weather,  clear skies, Sun shines so bright, and the cool breeze of December 
#charot the cool breeze of almost Tagaytay that made our tour Super Great!

 These little guys greeted me Hello!
super cute dibah? 
The place was super relaxing, lots of greens everywhere, a perfect welcoming to a tiring journey...
Now... breathe in, the freshest air and good vibes and  breathe out the stress and negativity cause this tour Will definitely make you feel AWESOME!!!!

Tour Starts NOW!
During this walk, we were accompanied by a Paradizoo staff

Super bait nya and kabisado talaga ang place and animals.
If may questions kami regarding sa kung anu man, nasasagot naman nya agad.

 The best part? You can get super close sa mga animals and have your selfie's taken!
*Depende sa mood pala ng mga animals ah :P and sa powers mo if you can get cheek-to-cheek with them :)

 here's my super favorite!!!
These little birdies are so adorable! 
Super "ma-amo" 
Sila mismo ng lalapit sa palm mo, in flying motion! aliw!!!
Super sanay na sila sa tao... as if matagal ka na nilang kilala :P

p.s takot ako sa mga animals... dog, cat birds lahat... ok na ako na tingnan lang sila.
Pero this tour? AY GRABE! nawala ang fear ko. super sarap sa feeling neto...
Sabi ko nga, ang lakas maka-Dyosa-Effect! super friendly ng mga birdies na ito na kahit i-stretch mo lang ang arms mo tatambay sila there :P

And ngayon pa lang gusto ko na ulit bumalik and isama ang kids ko!!!

Maganda talaga mga lashes ng ostrich :) #inggitmuch 
layo baka sipain :P

cute dabah? havent tried it nga lang...

This Picture is My Edition of When You SEE IT chenez!
Have you seen it??? If YES, Good you may proceed.
If NOT ay DOKLENG! :P bawal umusad if di mo na "seen"

 anak ng tupa! 
yung white, 
nanay tupa yung brown :P

Miniature Horses and They're Real!

Flower Garden :)

looks familiar dabah?
zombies on your lawm??? :P

Vegetable Farm

Bonsai Garden

 Butterfly Garden

Hindi macapture ng fone ko yung adult Butterfly :( 
kaya catterpillar na lang muna :)
seen it again? hehe hanapin ang butterfly :P

all my pix ganyan :( sorry...

 Bee Farm


 and here lies are departed pets.
Pet Cemetery 

Soon Pet Columbarium in Noah's Arc Shape. still in construction mode.
I asked our tour guide kung magkano magpalibing ng pets dun. she said depende sa size.
and asked her again, what if mga blue whale? lol
She said example daw is German Shepherd. it is priced at P3500 so i-multiply pa yun sa size ni blue whale :) 

are European Breed of Dogs and also known as racing dogs :)

Visual Eggs, ay Aid... 
size differentiating :) 
kinulang lang ng Quail egg and sa Lizzard :) #joke

 Poultry Area

That's the end my Paradizoo Tour.
watch out for my youtube video soon for my bird thrill experience :)
and Residence Inn Tour

nakakapagod at nagutom ako :) 
munch-a, lunch-a !!!

ang sarap ng vegetable lumpia nila! PROMISE!!!
and yung mga veggies na ginamit was from Paradizoo Vegetable Farm.

TIP: See that Bottled Water?
you might wanna keep in mind to keep it! #ansabehkoh?
or the plastic labels man lang :)
just present it to avail 20% off on your next visit  

Location: Mendez Cavite

Entrance Fee: Adult P149.00 Kids P99

Hope you guys can visit Paradizoo soon!
Specially on all weekends of January to March for their Power of Three "Festive Bloom of Agriculture"

From Paradizoo, with Love :)

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