Thursday, October 30, 2014

My First BDJFair 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014 2 Comments
My first time to attend a BDJFair!
Venue: SM Mall Of Asia
Date: October 19, 2014

I'm excited! 

but due to some technical difficulties of my pasaway na internet provider 
na itago natin sa pangalang  Providing Limited Data Technologies 
hahahahaha nakatago pa ba?
di ako updated sa BDJFair  mechanics and all :(

and last minute na ata ako nakapag register...
and bongga 3 talks ang aking na achieve!

but the sad part is...
battery drain ang aking ipod and phone ni hubby na mega super charge ko the night before pa.
naiwan kasing naka on ang data plus nag se-selfie si phone while inside my bagelya!
ayun pag kuha ko super init and malapit namang mag-off.

mostly sa mga booths is you need to like their page first before anything else.
and ayun na nga... wala ako wifi kasi low-batt ang fone ni dad, nakaka-connect naman sm-free-wifi  pero super bagal. And cranky na si Chloe dahil gusto kunin yung mga balls sa mga booth games. so medyo madaming unfortunate events pero dapat Go lang nang Go!

some of my kakaunting pix that day...

Ricci's Prize at Mister Donut Booth
while Chloe is crying.. ayaw nya isoli yung pingpong ball :P
 After updating my file at here's what I received! 
Super like the transparent colorful pen casings. 
and it's MONGOL pala...akala ko pencils lang sila, bumo-Ballpen na pala! hahaha :D 

and ito yung mga huling pics na nakuha nang na de-drain batt na fone...

I know... #haggardoversosa #helloeyebags
at bumo-born this way with my little Chloe :)

and here's my kwento...
I spent most of my time sa Talks, medyo di na ako nakaikot sa mga booths but I learned a lot :D
from BDJ Talk Speakers like:
Jonathan Yabut of The Apprentice Asia Winner, 
Eric Mendoza a Marketing Expert, 
Andi Manzano a dj/host
and Isha Andaya, Preview Magazine Executive Editor

sa lahat ng talks ay may raffle after :) pero I wasn't lucky that day. 
Di ko ata nasuot ang medallion kaya ganun.. Joke!

But some of my Bella friends get lucky like Janina, Glenda, and Shy to name a few :)
ako I tried SM Parisian booth, I got a notepad... 
I asked pwede ulitan? and pumayag dahil makulit ako but still it's a notepad hahaha

I love getting Mugs because I like coffee and hot drinks, 
My son tried the Ace's Water Spa booth for games and he got a tumbler , 
Ricci also got a tumbler and nung chance ko na... what I get is a cold-hearted pen!
PEN??? seriously? hahaha talo pa ako ng mga kids ko. anyways sabi ko ke kuya (staff ng Ace booth) papalit naman nung fan yung pink. mahabag ka kuya! :P and buti pumayag naawa ata sakin :)

some of my kasama is sinuwerte that day! *feeling ko nga sya kumuha ng swerte ko charot!

ang LOLO nyo nanalo ng BAGELYA sa SM PARISIAN Booth!!!
nakakaloka!!! (My Partner in Crime Life)

Oh well ma-swerte naman talaga sya!
isa ako sa living proof! ang swerte-swerte-swerte nya! 
sa akin pa lang Jackpot na sya noh! :P hahahahhaa

and dahil he won, and it's a BAG, a Ladies Bag... 
Conjugal Property, 
ringing a bell?
Akin na toh!! yeeeee!!!

lahat ng sadness ko nawala hahaha.

BDJFair is actually the launching of Belle De Jour Power Planner 2015
I purchase My BDJ Power Planner in Gray Leather at a discounted price of P600 instead of P680.00

Moral Lesson:
*Bumili habang sale, makakadiscount :P
*I-check kung naka keypad-locked ang fone

*wag manghihiram ng fone ke hubby.
dapat bumili na ako nang sarili kong Samsung Note or Mega or Grand2 na fone 

ngayon pa lang excited na ako sa BDJFair 2015 hahaha.
Hoping that next year makajoin pa din ako.

love lots, Aci Girl


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workshop: Paint Box Artistry Makeup101

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 1 Comments
Basic MakeUp Workshop by Paint Box Artistry

I was there... 
taking my Master's Degree choz!
Sponsors / MakeUp101 Hand-Outs

introducing my makeup kit 
MakeUp Kit for Every Workshop Participants

selfie ng contents:
Mini Perfume in Ladavander and Vanilla
ang cute ng mini spray and I like the combination of this scent. 
I'm a baker and I love Vanilla and bagay pala sila ni Lavander so calming.

Blush Powder

Eye Liner Pencil

Mini MakeUp Brush Set

Collagen Facial Mask

Groupie of the Makeup Kit with the Paint Box Artistry Eco Bag

wasn't able to take pics during the makeup tutorial/demo because nakikinig akong maige
may exam kasi later and di makakauwi ang di marunong! charot!!

after 50years...
dont judge me hahahaha

Day-Look Makeup
pasweet... hahaha 

 with my workshop-mate Anne
Anne,Thanks for applying my Eye Liner Makeup,
di kasi keri ng powers ko yun and she's super galing! 
parang in 5seconds tapos nya agad! Ikaw na teh!!!

and after 48 years...

 Night Makeup
anung nabago? hair style hahaha
oi inpernezzzz sakin marunong na ako "Blumending" ng eyeshadow :P
may eye shadow eklavarbah yan promise! 
di lang kita kasi masyadong matupi yung lids ko
di man halata sa pic pero smokey-eye kemerut yan...
nag evaporate lang agad yung smoke -toinks!

They are the participants of the workshop who shares a Beauty and Makeup Tips to everyone
and won  their very own Lacey Bracelets from Pulseras by Kim

There are a lot of Games/ Q&A's during the workshops
and If you answered it correctly you'll get a prize from Eli and Tere

One of the first questions was:
How Many Sponsors do Paint Box Artistry had that day?
some answered in a snap and say 22-24-26?
while I answered: 33!"
and I was right! 
Just Got Lucky ???

and Eli Asked "Pano mo nahulaan?"
I said: "Binilang ko" hihihi
while everyone is busy guessing ayun ako nagbibilang sa logo ng handouts :P
someone answered 22 dabah? pero may second page pa kasi hihi :)

My Prize
InstaGlow Whitening Facial Mask

Lets make silip sa makeup haven at Paint Box Artistry 
I want this!

"Eli can I take this home?"  choz! 
 eto pah!
and ito... 

lalo na toh!!!
Product Demo of the Triple Barrel Curling Iron
kailngan ko toh sa buhay ko! hahahaha :D

 another batches of winners

The Queens Essential Obagi Soap as Prizes for the Winners
Meet The Beautiful Owner of Pinay True Blend
one of the Sponsors at this workshop
for affordable and super soft makeup brushes visit her shop

Now le'mme show you my lovely workshop-mates

ang gaganda namen diba?
namen?!? hihi

I belong! hanapin nyo kooooo! hehehehe

and the moment we've been all waiting for...

 Graduation Time!
Ay! Awardng  of  Certificates I mean.

Congrats Batch-Mate 
with her Certificate and Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl's Cookies

My Other Pretty Batch-Mates with their Certificates

Let me end this post with a Groupie
I think that this is just 70% of the crowd.
I wasnt there na kasi nakasimangot na ang sundo ko.
Original schedule was 1-6pm but I think the workshop lasted up to 8pm
I lost track of time and nakalimutan ko ata na nagpasundo na ako sa kanila ng 5:30pm 
with hubby and my 2year old daughter waiting at the lobby
nakalimutang may pamilya choz!

ang saya lang hehehe


There's an upcoming makeup workshop for Bulacenos!

Paint Box Artistry MakeUp Workshop for P999.00

Date: November 22. 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Batchy's Restaurant. San Miguel, Bulacan

You can include me as your Referrer 
sabihin nyo lang my name: Aci and you read it on my blog.

wala lang sabihin nyo lang hahahaha

Join kayo ah


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winner at BellaBox Asia #BBSummerFresh Instagram Contest

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 3 Comments

BellaBox Asia had this Instagram contest couple of months ago and sinuwerte ang lola nyo :P

and yesterday si manong courier kumatok and di sya si manong xend na usual na napunta samin.
ang lolo mo pinoy pero international package ang dala - haha wala lang may masabi lang :D
so ito na nga...

My First International Prize -galing lang namang Singapore

By the way I was informed that the item would reach me by November 4 pa but I got it already!
after our exchange of DM's and email I think they already shipped it out. and Viola! it landed on my doorsteps couple of days ago. Surprise!!!  

package arrived...

I was expecting the blue box with white dots design, but this is it. a brown box.
But I'm not hating it :) actually I have a thing for brown box and paper bags. 
This just mean that they recycle paper and it's a good thing. 
Let's Help preserve Mother Earth in Every way possible.

"Be beautiful, surprise yourself"

and this says "HI!"
isn't this cute? I love the colors and the ziggy-zag pattern (ziggy-zag talaga?)
and that's an eco bag pala... saya!

and here a peek of the contents :D

It's actually lacking 2 items if you compared their picture to what I received.
I email them about it and they replied agad. They said they we're sorry about it and will have the items shipped out the soonest possible time :) what a fast response from their team :D taray! 

and after a couple of days...

here it is!!!


and BellaBox paper pouch with built in bubble wrap :P
and  cutesy hand written note

and now that they are complete...

FAMILY SHOT of my BellaBox #BBSummerFresh Prize!!!

-I'm Lovin' them already and cant wait for BellaBox Asia Philippines.
yeah you read it right! they are going to Philippines soon :)