Thursday, February 19, 2015

Award-Winning Bonsai Pieces on Display at Ayala Museum
Philippine Bonsai Society in Partnership with Ayala Museum 

PBSI Displays some of their award winning pieces.

 Shala diba? 
Honestly akala ko simple lang ang pag aalaga ng bonsai, trim-trim lang... water water mga ganun... But it's not... It's an art pala talaga that  requires patience, knowledge and super powers I mean green thumb siguro and skills AND di sya biro. Promise! May mga tricks kung pano imamanipulate ang branches, kung pano ishe-shape sa clouds or kumpol ang mga leaves. di basta basta gupit dito gupit don :P 

Thanks to Atish, his "talk" in Paradizoo thought me how to love Bonsai's 



Sorry I didn't get their names


 Chinese Juniper

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  1. sooo nice! amazing really. would be a dream to have a garden filled with these.

  2. Cute naman and so relaxing tingnan! I never knew kelangan talaga ng super powers ang pag-aalaga nyan. hehe

  3. Mommy, sobrang ganda ng mga bonsai! :) My mom used to love plants, as in sobrang daming halaman sa terrace namin. May mga kauntin bonsai din kami. Unfortunately, yung nawala na yung mom ko, hindi na masyadong naalagan. You're right, hindi basta basta inaalagan ang bonsai. Di enough yung dilig dilig lang :)

  4. Agoho Bonsai looks amazing. I wonde how much each bonsai cost?

  5. Bonsais are so nice. I don't have a green thumb though so hanggang tingin lang ako when it comes to plants. :)

  6. Wow! Taking care of bonsai can be hard. Growing them to be this beautiful takes so much skill! Ang galing sobra!

  7. That's true. My brother was a bonsai artist (don't know if he still does it now) and would labor over a plant for days and nights!


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