SIZE Matters Pasig
Don't Deny It, Size Matters! 

Oh Yes, It Does!!!
Operating Hours
Mon-Thu 11am - 12am | Fri-Sat 11am - 2am | Sun11:00 am - 12am

Cutesy Shakers
  Dining Area
Tables and Chairs OutDoors  
Smoking Area
I love the colors of the chairs, So Catchy! 

  FoodTrip Starts Now!
Four Seasons
Carbonara P209.00 
The Works Burger P299.00 
3pc Buffalo Wings P195.00
Dig IN!!!
The Works Burger 
Take a look at all those MEAT!!!
Soft Sesame Buns, Bacon, Sliced Mushroom, Fresh and Caramelized Onion, 
Cheddar Cheese, Sausage Burger, and Lettuce
Damn! Super Tasty!!! 
Buffalo Wings... Hot Buffalo Wings!!!
I think naka dalawa ako :P
P.s I'm not a wing person, mas like ko ang legs but this is a must try din :P

What I like about SIZE Matters Pasig:
Hygienic  Hand sanitizer spotted :P Clean CR and Neat Dining Area
Free Wifi Password clue:  just around the posters :P
BURGERS... not just ordinary Burgers huh! Sausage Burgers!!!
Large Cut Fries!!! you win my heart already :P
Condiments like Mayonaise, it's Lady's Choice, Ketchup is Heinz! and may yellow mustard!!! PAK!!! 
TV Screens with "s" Ideal for tambay mode, enjoying your burgers while watching a good film or game.
Location nasa heart lang ng Pasig :) Ace Water Spa to Be exact!
Delivery Service Available, with a flat rate of P50 only and no minimum order required.
Good Food, Yummy Food!!! Let Their Food do the Talking :)
Loyalty Card to reward their regular customers.
and The Owner is maasikaso and mabaet, secret lang daw ang identity nya. I can sense na medyo strict din sya...seems that he wants everything under control and making it a point to do his very best.  :)

What I don't Like...

Serving of Food takes time... understandable kasi lahat is ipe-prepare from scratch. 
*or from fridge, I guess. kaya if super gutom ka na eat something muna para di mainit ang ulo sa pag antay and it's worth it naman.

Limited Delivery Area wishing umabot ng kahit manila man lang soon :)

Operating Hours starts late, But I guess there's a good  reason behind it.

yun lang :)

SIZE Matters Pasig, Loyalty Card
Stamp it Up! For every P250 worth of purchase, you earn a stamp (^.^,)
Free item on your 4th visit! :)

My Ratings: */5 (#5 as the Highest)

Location: 4 for Pasig 2 for me na galing Manila
Ambiance: 3.5 Likable color scheme, TV and Comfy Set up.
Food: 4 Gourmet Burgers For The Win
Price: 3 Budget per head P500 or depende sa size ng iyong apetite or gutom :)
Value for Money: 3.5 A lil Pricey but It's worth it
Experience: 4 I enjoyed my visit at SIZE Matters Pasig, and I can't wait to order my next Gourmet Burger.

Will I Be Coming Back? YES!!! 
Will I Recommend this to my Family and Friends? YES NEMEN!!!

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