A few weeks agoI felt so sad and became a bit lazy and unproductive. Dumagdag pa that I gained a lot of weight and my clothes, especially my shorts won't fit me anymore. Buti na lang my girls, Ricci and Chloe kept me busy with our newest project: Sewing. 

They asked me to make doll clothes and the kid in me was unleashed! I started hand-sewing a little piece but my hand won't cooperate. And why is that? well, the last time I tried sewing was way back in my elementary days. So, I asked my younger sis who sews occasionally for help and she sent us her mini sewing machine. My girls were amazed by it and used it for hours, but since it's a mini machine, It felt weird for me, it's super lightweight and seems like a toy. But hey, this machine is a bang for the buck, imagine 300 pesos lang may mini sewing machine ka na that works! Buy the Mini Sewing Machine here

Since my girls and me included shown interest in sewing,  I've finally decided to buy our own sewing machine. We chose Singer Confidence. It's a bit pricey but I know this brand is a good and reliable one. I really,  really want to take my sewing projects to the next level I want to make my own shorts soon! I got my Singer Sewing Machine here

By the way, ever wonder what are the first few things we sew? Yes, doll clothes! Next is that basahan na bilog, I am super curious how it's done and glad I was able to make one or five :P then shorts for the fam. I will kwento all about it soon! but for now, we'll be featuring Scrunchies. 

Wait, what is a scrunchie? yan din tanong ko a few years ago and learned that a scrunchie is just another  word for a hair tie pala often used to achieve a ponytail hairstyle like getting all your hair up and tying it or the likes. And in my generation, we simply call it a ponytail, puyod or panali. Ang shala pakinggan ng Scrunchie diba?

Aci Girl tries to Sew

At first, I enjoyed making scrunchies! I find it super cute and nice and easy to make so I want to create more for my girls, fam, and friends and maybe sell some next time. Want to see how super easy this scrunchie-making can be?

How to Make Scrunchies the Easy Way

  1. Ready your fabric, thread, garter, and sewing machine.  Hand sewing is also ok
  2. Cut it to your desired size.  I started with 2x8 / 2x12 / 3x20 or it's up to you.
  3. Fold and Sew the wrong side. And you'll have a tube-like piece.
  4. Turn the right side out by using a stick, pen and the likes
  5. Insert the garter, check if parts are not twisted, and sew or glue both ends of the garter.
  6. Check the scrunchie if the seams were aligned, and ok.
  7. Fold both ends of the fabric inward, one overlapping the other, and sew
  8. That's it! So, Go girl, and create one,  held your head and hair up high!

Cut the fabric to your desired size

Fold and Sew the wrong side

Turn the right side out

Insert the garter and sew the ends.

Fold both ends of the fabric inward, one overlapping the other, and sew

See, that was my youngest daughter, Chloe, making her own scrunchie. As for me, I can't stop sewing more scrunchies. It kinda brings me joy whenever I finished sewing one. Also, I experiment with a few methods, fabrics, and styles and I love it. I'm still on the trial and error stage and hopefully will be 101% confident to offer this for sale, soon! But for now, please do check the photos of my work and do let me know what you think!

Look, these are all our scrunchies on practice mode :D Abangan our Pang benta collection soon, charot!
Thank you for reading my blog! Please know that I'm so happy that you made it here and up to this point. Feel free to answer my questions, suggestions, or let me know what you think! Btw, do you see any scrunchie you like? Do let me know in the comments and join our ongoing guessing game here!