How to Build a Skincare Routine that Works For You
How to Build a Skincare Routine that Works For You 

How to Build a Skincare Routine that Works For You


There’s a lot of hype surrounding elaborate skincare routines in the beauty world right now, but it’s simply not doable especially if you have a busy lifestyle. While there’s nothing wrong with investing in various products to make your skin look glowing and healthy, nothing beats a basic, but foolproof, skincare routine. 

In this post, we’ll list down the top tips to help you build an easy skincare routine for a healthy and lively skin. 

Figure Out Your Skin Type

The best way to find out which skincare products will work best for you is by first determining your skin type. In order to do this, aesthetic specialist Alison Lester encourages doing a “bare-faced trial”. After you cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser and pat it dry, let it air out for an hour and check how it feels. If it’s a little tight and stretches uncomfortably when you smile, you probably have dry skin. If it’s shiny on the cheek area, it likely falls into the oily skin category. But if it’s still comfortably elastic without shine, then you have a normal skin type. Figuring out your skin type is crucial as using a product meant for a skin type that’s different from yours may lead to breakouts or skin dehydration.

Find A Gentle Cleanser

While cleansers should clean your skin of dirt, oil, and dead skin, it shouldn’t be too stripping. Ingredients like alcohol and sulfates are two ingredients that you should stay away from when looking for a gentle cleanser. In this regard, Pretty Me recommends the hugely popular Snail White Whipp Soap, which was formulated to be suitable for all skin types. All-natural ingredients like Hyaluronsan HA-LQH and sunflower oil concentrate help ensure that your skin is still supple and bouncy, even after cleansing. That said, it’s also a good idea to do a patch test before trying out anything new, to be extra sure that a skincare product will work for your skin and not cause any adverse reactions. 

Don’t Skimp On Moisturizers 

No matter your skin type, it’s crucial to always moisturize. Moisturizers come in different forms because different skin types absorb moisture at different rates. For example, since those who have normal skin can retain sufficient moisture in their skin, they can use the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion since it’s not too light nor heavy. But if you have really dry skin, using heavy moisturizers like the Pond’s cold cream will prove to be the most beneficial as its formulation locks-in the moisture. Finding the right moisturizer boils down again to what your skin needs, so try to find one that’s comfortable on your skin and gives it the sufficient hydration. 

Address Specific Skin Issues

After you’ve chosen the basic products needed for your skin ⁠— like your cleanser and moisturizer ⁠— it’s now time to take a hard look at your skin and check for specific skin issues that you want fixed. If you’re prone to acne, it’ll do you well to add a spot-treatment product with anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil. For mild acne scars and sunspots, Preview suggests adding an AHA product like the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner to your skin arsenal as it can help speed up fading. The trick to addressing your skin issues is to take it one step at a time. Using too many new products at once can overwhelm your skin and may cause your skin to react badly.

How to Build a Skincare Routine that Works For You
How to Build a Skincare Routine that Works For You  

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