ASUS Laptops for Online Learning worth Buying at Shopee
Be Online Learning Ready with these ASUS Laptops worth Buying at Shopee

Be Online Learning Ready with these ASUS Laptops worth Buying at Shopee.

Is your home equipped with the right set up for your child's online learning? or do you have what it takes to keep up with e-learning like a reliable internet connection and up to date computer set up? 

Moms and Dads, Make sure you are properly geared up for the new normal most especially on our child education. As a mom of 3, I am not in favor of letting my child go back to school as if everything is ok. No, No, No! That's why I'm considering homeschooling or online learning. 

Thankfully, my girls are currently homeschooling, but my eldest son, who's an incoming Grade 8 is considering online learning called Hybrid Learning Experience for distance learning education. Now, the next step for me is to make sure everything will work fine, from the internet connection, study area, and of course the gadgets/laptop to for him to use. 

So, I checked Shopee's website and good thing that one of my trusted brand ASUS has a flagship store there. I was able to spot some laptops with good specs. Be Online-Learning Ready this coming School Year 2020-2021 and Check these laptop suggestions mentioned below.

Budget-Friendly Asus Laptop Priced at P26,995 on Shopee ASUS VivoBook X407UA BV133T i3 Gold

Things to look out and consider when buying a Laptop.

  1. Display/Screen must be at least 14inch.
  2. Go for USB ports and built-in card reader rather than a CD drive
  3. Network: Must be Wifi-Ready and with Lan Port
  4. Memory: at least 4gb (the bigger the better)
  5. Storage: at least 500gb standard drive (the bigger the better)
  6. Processor: at least i3 but I highly recommend for i5 up.


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This line falls on the Mid-range category but definitely worth the price.

Asus Laptop with Good Specs priced at P42,995: Asus Vivobook X412FL Intel Core i5

Stylishly Girly Yet Professionally Awesome Asus VivoBook in Pink Metal color

ASUS Laptop with Great Specs priced at P49,995

Also, take note that all ASUS laptops come with:
  • Free windows operating system, 
  • Wi-fi ready, 
  • Built-in webcam and mic. 
So, you need not worry about other things. Just the internet for an online connection.  

For more products and updates, visit ASUS Philippines Flagship Store on Shopee website.
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