Making it Up to Mom this Christmas with a little help from GCash

It’s less than a month before Christmas and I just cannot wait to go back to my hometown. It’s been a while since I visited, and I really miss my family.

There's so much ganap's that have been happening and we are still adjusting. But the hardest part of it all is being away from home and from Mudrabells. We used to live just right next door to her house so everything was easy-breezy back then, and we all missed her and the holidays never fail to make me more homesick than ever.
This year was perhaps the least number of visits I had home, mainly because of work, kids' schedules, and the traffic. I feel a little guilty about it, and I want to make it up big time to my mom, who I know misses me and the kids tremendously. Gifts are my love language, from the small tokens to major presents. I have been saving up this last quarter so I could pull off my grandest gift-giving yet. It’s been a challenge thinking of the best and biggest gift to give her for the holidays, and my mom is a picky one, so I thought why not give her the liberty to choose it herself?

Making it Up to Mom this Christmas with a little help from GCash

And so I decided to give her cash. I wanted to give her something she could spend on herself and on what she really wants. But I wasn’t really keen on physically handing over money to her—it looks like some payment. So I decided on a little surprise, and I sent it early. As it is the Christmas rush, payment centers and bank queues are quite crazy these days. Thankfully, there’s an app for that: GCash.

I’ve been using GCash for what most people may know it for—scan-to-pay and bills payments. But recently, I discovered perhaps the most useful feature for me, which is sending money through bank transfers *I honestly don’t know how I could have missed this feature! It was super easy to learn. I linked my bank account to the app and cashed it in. This saves me from the need to withdraw cash and then put funds into my GCash over the counter, like what I would usually do between my bank accounts. After cashing in, all I needed to do was go to the Send Money option, tap Send Money to Bank Account. GCash is linked to 42 banks and financial institutions, including all major banks, so it was easy to find my mom’s bank. On top of this, it does not charge any bank transfer fees! I put in my mom’s name and bank account and pressed send. That was it. I sent her a text about the surprise and, true enough, she received the cash instantly. She called on the video to say her thanks. The look on her face was just priceless. I love it when I can make my mom feel like that. That moment, the feeling of (kind of) making it up to her warmed my heart. Of course, nothing compares to actually being home, and that is going to happen very soon.

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