Cheese Board has been pretty "uso" this year. I've seen this type of food setup mostly on posh events I've been in. And this really is kind of a show stopper. Pano ma ba namang hindi eh napaka ganda and It looks so expensive yet very enticing!

Cheese Board basically consists of different kinds of Cheese cut in beautiful slices, cubes, or delicately flavored spreads. Next is the Savory Meat Slices, then add some Citrus Fruits like oranges, grapes. Include slices of Bread and Crackers too. And that's mostly it, you just have to arrange it according to your taste!

Things you'll need: Wooden Chopping Board. Mini Spatulas for the Spread, Mini Forks or Sticks.

Ingredients: Different kinds of Crackers, Eden Cheese, and Queso de Bola. (You can also add the soft cheese and any other cheese that you like for more variety) I add grapes too.

I just arranged it, simply lining up the crackers on one side, cheese in the middle, jam and honey here and there, and grapes. I skipped the meat part here at di keri ng budget! :P This might be nothing much or not as grand as the usual cheeseboards there is, but I assure you that this is such a flavorful treat.

That's why earlier this year, I created my own version of this cheese board thingy, and If you know me so well, this is on a much "afford mo to" note. 

Check out my DIY Cheeseboard right here!

Thanks to these Rebisco goodies for adding so much flavor on my DIY Project!
These crackers are so good and super tasty! 

Rebisco Jeanne & Jamie's Recipes

Rebisco Premium Crackers and Hansel Premium

The Hansel Premium Japanese Creation is always sold out in groceries and I kinda know why! Because it tastes super good and I LOVE IT!!! If you like creamy cheese filling, you gotta try this one! And I'm sure isa ka din sa ha-hunting nito sa groceries soon!

Kayo din, Try nyo gumawa nito at home at I'm sure may "wow" factor ito sa mga bisita sakto ngayong magpapasko!

I'm going to create another cheeseboard this Christmas too so stay tuned for what's in it next time.

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