Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci
Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci

A few months ago, My 2 daughters and I were invited to be part of the Promil Four i-Shine 7 Talent Camp Media Launch. We learned about the different camps and get to know the camp mentors who are also the experts on their chosen crafts. Ricci did have a great time as she was able to have first dibs and a  glimpse of what Promil Four i-Shine 7 Camps is about to offer.

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci
Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci
Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci
I can still remember those days na Ricci was super kulit and asking me What to this Summer? and segue right there and then asking me on How to Enroll at the Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp

Fast forward today, here we are at The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila to enroll at the Ballet Camp. Ricci is excited and can't believe that finally, after years of convincing me and DaddyO here we are one step closer to her dream of becoming a Ballerina.

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci
The Lisa Macuja School of Ballet Manila located at L4 Fisher Mall
Flashback moments rushing in... na umiiyak ako kasi tinapon ni papa yung mga art materials ko, na pinagalitan ako dahil nagpapractice ako ng folk dance habang may sermon na walang yumayaman sa arts-arts na yan... A realization that I am actually turning like my pappi pala! 

I support Ricci's arts like drawing but her love for dance especially Ballet at first I'm not super supportive of. Because I know Ballet is a different level of dance, hindi sya madali at hindi sya basta-basta.

But we had this talk, she told me that she really likes Ballet and she really wants to join this camp. She even said she will do good and listen to teachers attentively for this is an opportunity we shouldn't miss.

So Zap back to reality, here we are on our Day 1... officially enrolled and ready to roll!

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci

Snaps from 5-day Ballet Camp

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci

Look, Mom! Bagay ba? 
I'm looking like a real Ballerina!

Something deep within my heart became fuzzy and ticklish. I don't wanna get teary but I'm super happy for my baby girl. With a hint of nakukunsensya kasi bakit ngayon ko lang to ginawa for her?! I really hope and pray that it's not yet too late.

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci

Kind of felt Sepanx is real. Can't help but stare through this glass door and be amazed how those little girls dance they're way to their dreams.

Ballet Camp i-Shiners
And YES!!! That's the Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde mentoring the Ballet Camp i-Shiners

Ballet Camp i-Shiner with Ms. Liza Macuja - Elizalde

Promil 4 iShine7 Nurture The Gift

Assisted by Ballet Manila Principal Dancer Joan Sia

Ballet Camp i-Shiner Ricci with Joan Sia, Ballet Manila principal dancer
Ricci with Ballet Manila Principal Dancer Joan Sia
It was an awesome 5 Days filled with new learnings, fun, and friendship at the Ballet Camp.
They even had a mini presentation for us and I felt super proud of Ricci.
5 days (2hr/day) is a bit short but it is super clear to see that her heart was really in it.

Thank You Team i-Shine Ballet Camp

Can't wait for the next Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp!

And also super excited to share the happenings at the Promil Four i-Shine 7 Grand Recital
Stay tuned for more updates.
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