Check this 5 easy steps that I made for myself as guidelines to help me achieve a healthier lifestyle this 2019. Yes, mga beshies, Seryoso na akong ayusin ang buhay ko! Lalo na't naglalabasan na ang mga sakit-sakit sa katawan ko :P Better start now that to be sorry ako for later. May this help you too on your journey to being healthy and achieving the better version of you. If you have tips and recipes to share, do let me know by leaving a comment on my comment tabs. 

Eat Healthy and Make it a Habit!
Start the Year Right - Tip No.1 
Eat Healthy and Make it a Habit!

Start the Year Right - Tip No.2 
Choose Water!
Yes, Choose WATER at all times and Drink lots of it.

This for me is the most challenging of part of it all. I always love soft drinks and iced tea. But this year, I must make things right for me to achieve a healthier me. So whenever I'm eating out, or attending events I'll make sure to choose water at all times, so help me God. :)

Start the Year Right - Tip No.3
Shop for the Good Stuff!
Fill your pantry with healthy goods and make no room for junks and sweets.

Yes, skip stocking for sweets, chocolates, powdered juices and chips. :( Choose healthier options. Whole Wheat Bread, Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and look for the Snacks that are made with green peas, and corn, or better yet make your own popcorn, banana chips, or potato fries. 

Start the Year Right - Tip No.4
Cook your Meal the old-fashioned way!
Yes, cook it the traditional way, no shortcuts, no instant mixes, and the just add water stuff.

Yes, I know we are all living in a fast-phase world where fast food is present at every towns corner but if you can, at least try and avoid instant cooking, for instant goods contains lots of preservatives and other chemicals that might be bad for our health.

Start the Year Right - Tip No.5
Move it! 
Yes, Make sure you exercise and Work it out!

If you love to eat you must work for it, not just you have to earn to pay for your meals but you also gotta work out and burn those calories! Or else sooner or later flabs here and there will say hello :)

My Media Noche Tips for a Healthier New You this 2019

Still feeling that holiday rush? Ever wonder what date/day are we on? And still got tons of task, errands to do? Oh Yes! I do feel you! As I am writing this post. I am actually om panic-mode too!!! Few more hours before we turn the least leaf of 2018 and Welcome 2019 with awesomeness and still here I am thinking of what to prepare on our Media Noche. - New Year's Eve dinner.

As I am running out of ideas, I did some digital file clean up and stumbled into these awesome bunch of food photos that I took during my Thailand Getaway earlier this year (2018) featuring the Pulses. As I recall, these dishes that are incorporated with Pulses really do taste good and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Pulses Dishes by Indulge Fusion & Cocktail Bar

Lentil Soup

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Hummus with Salsa Verde Chicken
Black-eyed Beans, Cucumber Mint Salad

Chickpea & Green peas mini cakes.

Pan-seared Salmon, Asparagus & Mashed Green Peas

Chili-con-Carne with Kidney Beans
Looks so yummy, isn't it? Easy Peasy! Incorporating Pulses on a recipe is quite simple and doesn't require too much effort. But just like Indulge resto here, I think a good plating technique will be a plus factor and I bet your family will love this too most especially this festive season.

 Pulses Dishes by Liu Restaurant

Sauteed Scallops and Black Beans

Duet of Vegetables - with Pinto Beans

Gingko Nuts - Hot Syrup & Red Beans
Pulses really made an impact on me. If you were a reader of my blog for quite a while, I'm pretty sure you were able to know what I mean :) If not, here are some of my blog post related to Pulses.

I'm Trying my very best to include it on my family's diet and sharing to everyone the healthy benefits it may offer.

Now that recipe ideas are coming in, here are some that I'm really interested in.

Click for recipe: Green Monster Smoothie -with Lentils
(Photo from
Click for Recipe: Rice Stuffed Peppers - with Pinto Beans
(Photo from
Click for recipe: Fudgy Brownie Batter Truffles - with Chickpeas
(Photo from

You can buy Pulses may it be local or imported at the groceries and even to your nearest palengke -Market. You can buy it by the weight, packs, bottled, and even in cans.

Imported Pulses on Groceries

Locally Produced Pulses on Groceries

Media Noche Tips for a Healthier New You on New Year's Eve

Media Noche Tips for a Healthier New You this 2019

But also did you know that some of the products that we usually see and even pass by the grocery store were also made from pulses?

Pulse Pasta is for Real!

Whew, a bit lengthy post ae?
Now,  who's up for healthy snackin'?

And Snacks too!
Yes, Snacks like Jack n'Jill's Mang Juan having that pork crackling taste 

is really made from green peas pala!

So Perfect for the New Year Countdown too!
Something to munch on!

Media Noche Tips for a Healthier New You on New Year's Eve

Roasted Black beans, Chickpeas, and Lentis
Chips made from Beans, Chickpeas

Tips for a Healthier New You on New Year's Eve
Tips for a Healthier New You on New Year's Eve
(Photo from

Let's all come together and celebrate the good life. 
And Start Eating Healthy this 2019!

Cheers to a Happy & Healthier New Year!!!