Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review. This is it mga Beshies, Momshies, Daddies and Repapips... I know you all have been patiently waiting for this feature and finally, I was able to write my thoughts about the Promate 240s and answer some of the queries you've sent through email, PM's and via comments on YouTube channel.

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

I must admit, this is one of the few products that I am really excited and proud to write about. As most of you know, I already did a quick feature of this item -The Promate 240s Powerstation and you can read it all here

It was a couple of months or so at the Solar Show Philippines 2018 when I was able to attend the launch of the new Promate 240s. Powertech Asia Pacific Inc, very own CEO Mr. David Nouvelot was the one who did the talking about the Powerstation Promate 240s during breakout sessions at the said event that happened in SMX Convention Center.

Powertech Asia Pacific Inc CEO Mr. David Nouvelot

Right there and then I was really convinced that "this" I should grab one for our home. For I really think that this Promate 240s Powerstation is a must-have for every home most especially for a mommy's like me who hates unannounced power interruption with kids that get panicky when lights when off, and also for the blogger side of me who's work always depends on my pc, smartphones and online. No Power is a Big Big No!!! for me.

Luckily this time, I was able to give this good chunk a try and see for myself how this baby works.

The Unboxing Clip of Promate 240s Powerstation on my YouTube Channel AciGirlTV

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.
Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.
Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

This retails for Php11,999 only.
Package includes: Unit, Chargers and the Battery

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

Dimension of the box (cm) (lxwxh) : 36.5 x 32 x37
Dimension of the unit (cm) (lxwxh) : 27.3 x 26 x 29.8
Gross Weight (kgs) : 13 | Net Weight (kgs) : 12

Promate 240s Powerstation Unboxing + Review.

Product Features

400 Watt Power Inverter

Built-in 1 x 12V 24Ah rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery

(2) 220VAC Outlet

(3) 5V 2100mA USB Port

12V Power Outlet with Overload Protection

Digital Display showing input/output voltage frequency/power consumption

Solar Charging Port panel up to 60watts (*solar panels sold separately)

Built-in LED Light

Car Jumper a connector for jump start cable or connection for an external battery.

AC & DC Adapter Charger

4-Way Charging

1.  AC 
2. 12 VDC 
3. Solar Charging
4. External Battery

How about an Idea of its Battery Life?

This is the most asked question on my previous Promate 240s Powerstation post. So here's to give you an idea. But also, please check this post again soon for I'll be featuring my personal experience using this Promate Powerstation for a certain appliance and let's see how it'll perform.

Can light up at 200hrs with its own LED Light

A laptop can be up and running for 8hrs with basic operations

Electric Fan can cool you down for 3hrs

Mobile phones can be charged 12 times

and enjoy your LED TV for up to 4.5hrs

Putting this Promate 240s Powerstation to the Test.

When the rainy and typhoon season came in, my fingers were a bit itching to grab this Powerstation out of its box and just can't wait to do its magic. I am actually pretty excited for brownouts hahaha I know, I know, that's bad of me. There were this few instances when the lights when out, and I hurriedly unboxed the Promate 240s Powerstation but Meralco was such a tease and lights were there again. But when Ompong was here, our lights when off and there I get to see the glimpse well for an hour at least of how this baby works. I was able to charge 2 of my phones while the LED light is on too the same time.

Thankfully, we were able to manage power interruption with smiles on our faces. Honestly, we had that weird attitude pa nga na we look forward to brownouts pa! OMG. Ganun ka excited at ka-kampante having with us the Promate 240s.

But wait...
I really want to put this baby on a major test!
Stay tuned for I'll be featuring the Promate 240s Powerstation
while using Electric Fans, LED TV, Laptops and Even Desktop.

So Let's See? Stay tuned for I'll be posting the updates here soon.