Another Promate Powerstation Innovation; 

The New and Improved Promate 240s

The Promate Generators is again set to introduce their newest innovation. A couple of years ago, the brand made an impact bringing the portable power backup available in the market for an affordable price. Now they're back with the new an improve Powerstation, The Promate 240s. 

In line with the recent Solar Show Philippines 2018, a perfect timing to launch the new Promate 240s to the public. CEO of Powertech Asia Pacific Inc, Mr. David Nouvelot talks about the Powerstation Promate 240s during breakout sessions at Solar Arena 2 in SMX Convention Center.

Watch it here:
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The Promate 240s is a plug-and-play 400Watt solar generator designed for home use ideal for emergency power backup in times of electric-power outage that is very common not just in the city but most particularly in rural areas. The Powerstation Promate 240s is made it power up your lights, fans, mobile devices and even your computers and wifi routers to save you from the inconvenience of not having electricity to power up your gadgets. 

The Promate 240s is designed not just for home usage but also ideal for outdoor activities like camping, road trips, and travels. This will keep your every gadgets juice going on and on. Powered by a 1x24AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery making it rechargeable and more efficient in terms of power consumption and re-charging.

Usage: 220 VAC, USB, 12VDC, Car Jumper, and LED Light.
LED Display: AC Voltage, Wattage, Frequency, and Battery Voltage.

Product Features

400 Watt Power Inverter
Built-in 1 x 12V 24Ah rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery
(2) 220VAC Outlet
(3) 5V 2100mA USB Port
12V Power Outlet with Overload Protection
Digital Display showing input/output voltage frequency/power consumption
Solar Charging Port panel up to 60watts (*solar panels sold separately)
Built-in LED Light
Car Jumper a connector for jump start cable or connection for an external battery.
AC & DC Adapter Charger

4-Way Charging
AC | 12 VDC | Solar | External Battery

Product Application
For home and condominium use: a power backup in times of an electric power outage
Campings, Road trips, and Traveling to remote places.

 Battery Life:
LED Light (200hrs) x Laptop (8hrs) x Electric Fan (3hrs) x Cellphone (12times) x LED TV (4.5hrs)

Where to Buy The Promate 240s Powerstation?

The Promate 240s is available nationwide.
Through S&R membership Shopping, Bellavista Trading

Also available online ( Look for the Promate Store)
via: Facebook Promate Store Philippines, Lazada, Shopee, Adobomall, Carousel, and OLX.

Dimension of the box (cm) (lxwxh) : 36.5 x 32 x37
Dimension of the unit (cm) (lxwxh) : 27.3 x 26 x 29.8
Gross Weight (kgs) : 13 | Net Weight (kgs) : 12

Priced at 11,999 only.
Package includes: Unit, Chargers and the Battery

My thoughts about this: Honestly, I'm excited about this product. This is a must-have in every household. Most especially for moms like me with kids who get's panicky whenever there's an electric power outage. Lights and Fan is a must during power failures because it's hard to work at home without lights and the fans to keep my kids comfy. Also, mobile phones should always have their batteries up for me to communicate with DaddyO and my relatives. Also to be prepared for emergencies.

Stay tuned for I'll be reviewing the Promate 240s soon.

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