From the makers of  Filipino food brands that includes Silver Swan, Datu Puti, Mang Tomas, Golden Fiesta, and that well-loved banana catsup  UFC, Papa, and Jufran, NutriAsia, in partnership a world-class science museum in Taguig The Mind Museum The first-ever Museum of its kind was launched. The Catsup Museum.

Located in Cabuyao, Laguna. The Catsup Museum seems to be the first-ever banana catsup museum not only here in the Philippines but in the whole wide world.

The Catsup Museum aims to commemorate the history of banana catsup through an informative and interactive and enjoyable experience. Also, it gives the younger generation the importance of Filipino values: Ingenuity, Resourcefulness, and Hard Work. 

The Catsup Museum Map

These values were the reason that moved Filipina food technologist Maria Orosa to come up with the first banana catsup recipe, and those very same virtues drove NutriAsia to be where it is today.

Sharing you our video touring The Catsup Museum

History Is Written On The Hall
The story of banana catsup in The Catsup Museum is revealed in its four halls.

The History of Banana Hall 

The origins of the banana plant and some of its history all the way from Kuk Valley in New Guinea around 8000 BCE is painted/printed on the walls of the museum. 

The Maria Orosa Hall 
Honoring Maria Orosa, the inventor of banana catsup, and how, in the midst of war, was able to innovate and invent a condiment we all love today.

The Manufacturing Hall 
Showing the ingredients, procedure, bottling, and labeling parts. A look and feel of the step-by-step production in making the commercial banana catsup. 

And lastly, the Banaquet Hall 

That provides larger than life installations of food and banana catsup. Through this fun and interactive approach, The Catsup Museum promotes not only knowledge of Philippine history and culture, but also advocate the importance of science in food manufacturing. All visitors will bring back an even greater appreciation of Filipino food, and be more proud to be Filipino.

WATCH the VIDEO as we go Touring the Catsup Museum
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Extra: During our visit to NutriAsia, we were treated to an extraordinary lunch.
Dishes that use Banana Catsup or best paired with Banana Catsup

Shrimp in Catsup Batter | Lumpia

Radish Salad marinated with Banana Catsup

Catsup Friend Rice

Catsup Cupcakes
Banana Catsup Cupcake and Chloe love it!

The Catsup Museum opened its door for the media for a very special tour.  Allowing mommy bloggers like me, together with my kids to explore and have a good look the very first catsup museum in the world.

My kids had a great time exploring the museum, Chloe loves the gigantic banana display, Ricci naman loves the activities,  while Charles loves the experimenting part and the Banaquet Hall filled with larger than life foods like burgers, fried chicken, and others dishes that best paired with catsup.

#TeamBorneaKids Charles, Chloe, and Ricci
This is not the very first time that the museum opened its door for visitors. It was then opened for quite a while to NutriAsia employees and families only. And as of now, the museum is not yet available to the public. But don't worry for there are plans that it'll be open real soon. But for now, it is open by appointment only to schools within the province of Laguna.

Charles, Chloe, Ricci and Me. We all had a great time at the Catsup Museum!

Thank you so much NutriAsia and The Mind Museum for inviting us. It was really a funfilled day with exciting activities that are packed with new learnings. The Catsup Museum is a great place to take your kids and the whole family.

The Catsup Museum
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