The No.1 selling U.S Lock Brand Kwikset has recently launched its product at Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018, an event showcasing Kwikset's wide variety of door locks and sharing some insight and a better understanding of door locks.

Mr. Dave Albert, VP and Managing Director of APAC Spectrum Brands Inc. 

But before that, allow me to ask you this: What is your top consideration in choosing door locks? As for me, I have three:

  1. Quality: It should be matibay at pulido.
  2. Security features: The safer the better.
  3. Design: Stylish is a plus.

Bonus: Affordable or for Reasonable Price.

Our doors at home were not just for separating one room to another, or something like that. Doors are also our shield or protection from intruders, robbers, and the like. Keeping us safe from harm coming from the outside. 

But even if you have a good kind of door if your door locks were sablayano na?
That is why I am soooooo OC in choosing my door and locks to use at home. Kasalanan ito ni Papa. When I was young he always say:

  1. "Isara mo to baka makidnap kayo"  
  2. "Isara nyo baka may makapasok na magnanakaw" 
  3. and worse something like this "Isara mo yung pinto, mamaya may makapasok na baliw." 
The last part really did make a big impact on me resulting in me being so maarte with door locks.

Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018. 

On this event, I learned and understand that door locks are not created equal. Some are even so easy to unlock, while some standout for its great features.

Mr. Alivin Tan, Asia Sub Region Product Marketing Manager of Specterum Brands Inc., showed the difference of common deadbolt lock that most of Filipino’s use and Kwikset locks. Also, participants get to experience how really easy it was to pick on the deadbolt lock. And witnessing how Kwikset locks worked wherein no one succeeded in attempting to unlock it.

Kwikset showed a variety of designs and inspiration behind every door knob and lock from massive architectural structures like the Sydney Opera house to common household fixtures and materials.

Mr. Kevin Sander, Product Manager International for Kwikset,  showed how every part of Kwikset products was made and tested to uphold the objectives of the brand and that was to provide safety to every household.

Kwikset was known to be the most durable, stylish, and the safest door knobs and locks in the market. Know more about it on their official facebook page: Kwikset Philippines

Stay Safe!