Growing up with MILO.

Waking up every single day with a cup of Milo is what my usual mornings back in my elementary, high school even college days looks like. Actually even up to now, at my not to be disclosed age I still drink MILO. As the years go by Milo continues to innovate and is still there powering up kids daily to have an energetic day ahead.

If you were a Milo kid like me, you definitely know about the MILO Summer Sports Clinic. When I was a kid I want to be enrolled in here during summer. I want to learn how to swim, to know and try taekwondo, and of course to do that ribbon twirling and execute proper yet basic floor routines in gymnastics.

MILO Philippines Get Your Child Into Sports Campaign.

Earlier this month, MILO officially launches the Get Your Child Into Sports campaign, together with its 2018 Summer Sports Clinics. Staying true to its commitment to grassroots sports development, MILO hones in on the importance of sports in a child’s life through this campaign. Sports teaches children valuable life lessons which they can apply not only in the court, the gym, or the football field, but also in the classroom, at home, and in life.

Children,  these days (my kids included) are into digital playtime that was making them just sit in one corner for hours or so and that's it. Clickity-tap-tap of fingers is the only workout they have. No more active play, As in the Real Active Play where running, jumping and things that will make them perspire happen. And too much screen time may lead to poor eyesight. bad posture, and worse child obesity and weakness of the muscles. That's why MILO Sports Program is here. To help children overcome these by providing them a safe place to play and an avenue to master different skill while having a fun healthy experience

“We at MILO believe that it is important for children to be immersed in sports throughout their developing years. Aside from building their health, sports also teaches a lot of life lessons to children. This is the perfect time to instill the different values that will help build their character, which will help them in school and in life,” said Willy De Ocampo, Vice President, Nestle Philippines.

The Get Your Child Into Sports campaign features in MILO’s different sports programs. MILO’s first sports offerings for 2018 is the MILO Summer Sports Clinics, the longest running and most participated sports program in the country. Now on its 35th year, the sports clinics available nationwide teaches children a wealth of character-developing values and physical benefits which make them better in sports, and at the same time, prepare them for the challenges of life.

“Good character and a healthy and active lifestyle is essential for children who want to become champions on and off the court, and this can be achieved through sports. We highly encourage parents to get their child in to sports, and enroll their kids in the different MILO Summer Sports Clinics,” said Luigi Pumaren, MILO Sports Marketing Executive.

The program will offer training in 18 different sports, handled by experts coaches and instructors: 

CrossFit for Kids 
Ice Skating
Lawn Tennis 
Table Tennis 
Touch Rugby 
and Volleyball.

Mentoring with the use modern and scientific approaches that will help children gain the appreciation for the different sports, live a healthy and active lifestyle, and embody the values of discipline, confidence, teamwork, perseverance, and hard work, which will help them become well-rounded individuals.

MILO’s Summer Sports Clinics and sponsored programs have produced many athletes who have made their mark in both the local and international sporting scenes. MILO Summer Sports Clinic alumni include BEST Center graduates and UAAP phenom Thirdy Ravena and PBA stars Kiefer Ravena and Chris Tiu, Taekwondo clinic graduate and Southeast Asian Games medalist Japoy Lizardo, and Gymnastics clinic graduate and Southeast Asian Games gold medalist Kaitlin De Guzman.

So Moms and Dads, Get your child into sports today. 
Enroll them in the MILO Summer Sports Clinics now!

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