Filipino family has stronger bonds among other families all over the world. We have close family ties and lots of traditions that we share with them, with our loved ones and friends.

Team Bornea Sharing Family Moments with Uratex

For my family, Team Bornea, we like:

Traveling together,
Team Bornea Sharing Family Moments with Uratex
Team Bornea Kids: Sharing Family Moments with Uratex

Rain or shine, We all go!

Eating together and Laughing together.

Team Bornea Sharing Family Moments with Uratex

Watching a movie together, down to even doing the groceries, dishes and all that stuff: 
We do it all  Together.

Team Bornea Kids

For the most of us, the best memories are created at home, where family members bond, dine and catch up with each other before the day ends. 

Team Bornea Kids

Giving a salute to the importance of family traditions, Uratex, who is celebrating 50 years this 2018 unveiled a Christmas-themed video to celebrate family memories made inside the bedroom, their common area of solitude, and the bed, a central and key witness to that celebration. 

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The video starts by showing a young man longing for the love and company of their mother, supposedly an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). He has not seen her as she has not come home for the past three years working overseas. Not a day passes that the young man misses his mother, where he shared many fun and memorable moments with her while in his bedroom during his childhood. And now that Christmas is near, the longing is felt more than ever. Watch the video to know more about it.

Regalo by Uratex Classic
Tuwing sasapit ang Pasko, ang yakap ng pamilya ang #PinakamagandangRegalo. Relate ka ba dito?

Posted by URATEX PHILIPPINES on Saturday, December 9, 2017

My thoughts about the video:
I felt sad, having a member of the family to work abroad, being away from their loved ones for a couple of years or more, not being there during their kid's milestone and the holidays. I can only imagine their heartaches. Years ago, DaddyO was already considering working abroad. I say no right away and I cried. He wants to give our family a better future. I know he only wants the best. But I want my kids to grow up seeing their dad daily, having meals all together and attending mass every Sunday. Being a part of their childhood and instilling good values and wisdom. being with them during the hard times and the best times.  That's my simple dream. I just want togetherness, peace, and happiness. Also, I do believe that life is short and I really want to make the best of it. Good thing that this video clip has a happy ending, perfect timing for the holiday cheer. Just wishing that every Filipino who works abroad can come home soon to their families and  I pray that maybe someday, they don't have to be away for work again.

Uratex Philippines, the undisputed leader in the foam manufacturing industry believes that family love and comfort are always at the forefront in the tradition of selfless care and service to the Filipinos. Uratex believes that family love, caring and looking out for the welfare and greater comfort of each other is vital.  Each Uratex bed provides ultimate comfort to promote a healthful and relaxed sleep night after night. This helps invigorate the body so it will remain fit and fully charged to make each family member ready to face life’s daily challenges.

Team Bornea Sharing Family Moments with Uratex

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For Uratex founders Robert and Natividad Y. Cheng, the products that they’ve developed over the past five decades have been uncompromising when it comes to celebrating the beauty of love and life. Each mattress that rolls out of the company’s manufacturing facilities is the result of the Chengs’ vision to share comfort with every Filipino. With constant innovation, Uratex products remain synonymous with rest and relaxation, love and comfort.

Tuwing sasapit ang Pasko, ang yakap ng pamilya ang #PinakamagandangRegalo. 
Relate ka ba dito?
#PaskongRegaloKasamaKa #50YearsOfCelebratingFamilyLoveAndComfort #UratexAt50