I do have a thing for diy's and crafting. Making things more personalized, more of like being "Me" or More like the person I'll be giving the gift with. I do think that gifting, especially this holiday season should be more like this with a little help from Photobook Worldwide

The gift item that you'll be sending someone or even just a gift for yourself (Cause you deserve it too!) is personalized and or customized. I find it more awesome in receiving gifts that are pretty handmade and is especially for me. Cause I know the thought really counts and making it personalized counts double! Now check this Photobook Worldwide out!😁

This is how Photobook Worldwide website looks like.

Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

Photobook Worldwide website

No artsy-fartsy hands? No problem! From what I've said, Photobook worldwide is here to help. Just visit their website and check the items they offer. Once you picked out an item you like you can start decorating. There's an easy-to-navigate-tab for you to explore and get creative with Photobook Worldwide πŸ˜‰ 

How to Order? 1. Choose a Format | 2. Upload your images | 3. Design and Order

Of course, you have to create an account. Don't worry it's super easy and once you start creating your project, you'll find it hard to stop :P  It's kind of addicting (^.^,)

This is how Photobook Worldwide dashboard looks like.
Photobook Worldwide has this pop-up Quick Tour for us to get familiar with the software.

Layout, Background, Scrapbook and other tabs for easy navigation and creating your project.
Once you're done with your project, save it and go for final check out. 

But please be minded of the spellings, images, and lining/margins or any possible errors for everything is based on your final layout. 

Better have someone else to check it out for you too. 

Sadly, I was too excited about creating my business cards and I didn't notice that there's something wrong with it. It still looks awesome for me though and I think I can still tweak it with a pen. And yes, still lovin it!                                                                           

*Check the business card story below.

Wait for it to arrive in the mail. Don't worry it won't take long. 
BTW look! here are my orders shipped via DHL.

My First Batch of order: A Mug and A Luggage Tag

Base Template : http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/honeymooners

The Luggage tag is smaller than I thought it'll be but way nicer than I expected. It was made from 1.3mm Aluminium. 

Base Template : http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/honeymooners

"Light, Stylish and Sturdy" as they describe it on their website, and yes it really is looking so fab!

More templates: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photo-gifts/luggage-tags/

Unboxing time!

I'm so excited to see how my mug project looks like. It's not the first time that I created a mug for myself. Told yah! I'm into personalized stuff talaga! 

But this mug is no match for my other mugs. I've tried some and the printing is awful, and looks like a sticker lang! and some looks kinda ok but fades away with even just a couple of washing naman. So after seeing that they offer coffee mugs too, I checked the designs/layout and order right away.

That's Me and that is actually my Blog Banner too.

Always Believe in Yourself
Now, what can I say with my MUG from Photobook Worldwide? 
It's soooooo pretty! Of course, it's my face printed in it :P But kidding aside, it turned out pretty nice, It's glossy, smooth and even with a couple of attempts to scratch it off it's still ok. Now I have more reason to enjoy my coffee, my mornings and even late night blogging stunts with cutesy-me mug!

Order Your Personalized Mug Now! 
Use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount. 

My Second Batch of order: Business Cards and Photobook

Business Cards from Photobook Worldwide

AciGirl.com x Photobook Worldwide
As you can see it's my photo again :P Maybe you guys were like "that photo again?" I don't know but I really like this picture. I know that I'm not looking at my very best during those times and there's a lot of people in the background. But there's really something in that photo that fascinates me.  

It's the beach, the sunset, and the vibe. 
Taken by DaddyO at Anguib Beach Cagayan.

Business Card from Photobook Worldwide

About the design, I choose an informal font to make it look more playful and cute. I don't like the usual writings, for I find it dull and meh. Now here's the part where I made an unfortunate mistake. 

*But first, try to look for that mistake nga if you can find it. 
It is sort of like a **when you see it thingy.

Somewhere out there I misspelled a word :(  I created the Business Card project in the middle of the night and was too excited and get on with it. I checked it twice for the contact details and all, I was happy with the layout too but still, I missed something.... 

Again, please be minded of the spellings, images, and linings/margins or any possible errors for everything is based on your final layout. 
Better have someone else other that you to check your design/final layout. -Aci Girl

***Did you find it? If not send me an email (^.^,)

The Photobook

Photobook Worldwide

Adventures of Aci Girl x Team Bornea Travels in a Photobook

The Photobook templates are awesome. I enjoyed making my very own photobook too. Honestly, I'm thinking of collecting all the photos I've saved and go Photobooking again. 

Base template: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photobooks/readybooks/travel-photo-books/

The prints were nice (good quality photo paper) and the layout is customizable plus I really love that Scrapbooking tab where I can insert icons, quotes and text. You better go check it out and see for yourself. 

Base template: http://www.photobookworldwide.com/photobooks/readybooks/travel-photo-books/stay-wild?url_params=
By the way feel free to use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount on your purchase. *Offer good until end of November 2017

Photobook Worldwide 3 Easy Steps: 
1. Choose a Format | 2. Upload your images | 3. Design and Order

Don't forget to use my code "ACIGIRL" and get 60% off discount - *Offer good until end of November 2017

Photobook Worldwide