Moms and Dads, I have a confession to make. Vitamin D isn't really a major concern for me. My top priority is giving my kid a multi vitamins plus extra vitamin C and a drinking milk regularly and having a balance diet what I really thought is pretty enough. But I was wrong. I learned that Vitamin D is essential in calcium absorption. Oh! Geez, they work as partners to strengthening bones. So now what? Are all my efforts and money buying that expensive milk was put to waste? (So here I am reviewing the multivitamins and milk formula I gave my kids, And I thanked God that Vitamin D was included) 
Wag Deadmahin ang Vitamin D 

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Filipinos are Vitamin D deficient. Who knows how many among these numbers are pregnant or nursing moms. Vitamin D can also be found in a mothers breast milk but usually its very low specially if the mom herself (like me) isn't taking extra Vitamin D. This can also reasult to Vitamin D Deficiency in infants that can cause rickets, delayed motor development and muscle weakness, body aches and feeling pain and prone to fractures.

Forti-D Cholecalciferol 800 IU Vitamin
“Seryosong Proteksyon, Simulan Ngayon!”

A dose of Vitamin D for breastfeeding moms is a must to help in achieving the right amount of Vitamin D in to be in her breast milk that is to be fed to her child. So, to all soon-to-be-moms and breastfeeding moms out there, be ready with your extra vitamin D now that we all knows its importance in nourishing not just ourselves but our child as well.

Having the Generic name of Colecalciferol and was launched February 2014. 
SRP Php6.50/soft capsule to be taken by adults once a day.

  1 Capsule of Forti-D got you covered for that daily requirement of 800IU of Vitamin D
Make it a habit and get a serious protection today with Forti-D

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