Who is this cutie?

the face of Super Twins Premium Baby Diaper.
Together with parents Mark & Jolina Magdangal-Esqueta. 

At first, he seems shy, but give him time, he'll be so charming and playful.
He just turned three. Now, he's the brand ambassador for MegaSoft's newest product, 
The Super Twins Easy Wear Baby Pants. 

The New Super Twins Easy Wear Baby Pants' Cool Features:

Leak Control Channel: Instantly absorbs wetness. 
Liquid Lock Layers: To prevent diaper leaks
Cottony-Soft Top Sheet: Keeps the baby's skin cool and dry.
Easy To Wear Design:  Ideal for active babies, and quick diaper change.
+  Cutesy Demin Print :)

"Before, alam ko lang  na sobrang observant si Pele, Curious sya sa mga bagay sa paligid. Bgayon, nagugulat na lang kami na may mga words or phrases sya nasasabihin na hindi naman namin tinuturo or ginagamit. pati mga kanta na minsan niya lang narinig, naaalala niya at minsan bigla na lang kakanta kashit tono lang ot iba-iba lyrics." -Mark Esqueta

"Dati he usually plays in one place pero ngayon takbo na sya nang takbo, talon nang talon. So kung before, he wears Super Twins Premium Baby Diapers, ngayon lumalaki na sya and with his more active behavior, Pele now uses the new Super Twins easy baby pants," -Jolina Magdangal-Esqueta

Ms. Aileen Cho-Go, VP for Marketing of Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc. is grateful to the Esqueta family, being the brand ambassadors of Super Twins for the past two years.

"As a family, Jolina, Mark and Pele personify the qualities of Super Twins Premium Baby Diapers and the New Super Twins Easy Wear Baby Pants. Providing support, protection, and comfort for the baby, As he happily explores and enjoys learning and playing.And of course, Jolina is fashionable just like our Super Twins Premium Baby Diapers and the New Super Twins Easy Wear Baby Pants with the fashionable denim design. 

"Our journey as parents only makes us feel blessed every day, All sacrifices, all the hard work, All the patience, Lahat ng pagod, lahat napapalitan nbg saya makita mo lang yung ngiti sa kanya. lalo na pag lumapit sya sayo, yakapin ka at sabihin ni Pele na I love you Mama, I love you Papa, It's all worth it"-Jolina

"We must have done something really good to deserve this kind of love, This experience is not only making us better parents but better people,"-Mark

"And we could have not done it with the support of peoploe around us including our Super Twins family and to them we say Thank You!" -Jolina

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