Snacks are often sweet, salty, fried or fast food take outs. Being a mommy of three, there's a lot of things going on at home and if may I want everything to be super quick and instant. Now here's my conscience kicking in... Yes, you manage to feed your child but is it is it healthy? 

I love watching cooking shows, reading cookbooks, and surfing the net for quick and easy recipes also I want it to be healthy. I like trying out new recipes to excite my kids appetite. Good thing Breville invited me for their Summer Ready Recipes workshop last April and here's how it goes.
Breville Philippines’ R&D officer Chad Datu and in-house nutritionist Dianne Dupa, RND

Facilitated by Breville Philippines’ R&D officer Chad Datu and in-house nutritionist Dianne Dupa, RND held at Abenson Avant Glorietta 3. Hosted by Breville Philippines Marketing Manager Darlyn P. Valenzona. Shoppers were up for a cooking demo and get to see the power of Breville appliances. I honestly was (from way back pa) amazed with Breville. I am particularly hoping and wishing, and praying for their juicers and blender. (^.^,)
Hosted by Breville Philippines Marketing Manager Darlyn P. Valenzona, 
Glimpse of the Cooking Demo
Healthy Juice & Froojie® in a minutes - Juicing just went bananas.

A unique soft fruit disc purees soft fruits like bananas, mangoes and berries to make dessert coulis, or to mix with fresh juice to make dairy free smoothies. A 25% larger feed tube makes juicing faster and easier than ever and a patented juicing system extracts more juice and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. 5 speeds, an LCD display, automatic pulp ejection, and an easy clean design.
 Watermelon Lime Basil Mocktail & Tropical Froojie
feat. The Breville Froojie Fountain - SRP: PHP 16,000
Scrapes the Bowl So You Don't Have To
The Scraper Mixer ProTM uses 'planetary mixing'  for a superior end result.  360° bowl coverage is achieved by the counter-clockwise motion of the mixer head combined with the clockwise "sweep" of the beater and extra wide mixing attachments.
Basic Pizza Dough
feat. Breville Scraper Mixer Pro - SRP: PHP 25,000
Roasted Veggie Pizza - Fruity, Nutty Pizza
feat. Breville Smart Oven - SRP: PHP 16,900
The Oven that Moves Heat, Where and When it's Needed - It does the thinking for you.
This is the first compact oven with Element IQ™, the technology that controls heating elements to suit whatever you are cooking. Simply select your cooking program and adjust to taste and this smart appliance will deliver the right power at just the right time to each of its 5 elements. The 22 - liter Smart Oven™ also suggests the use of convection and makes adjustments for fresh or frozen ingredients.

The Superstar Blender w/ 7 task controls and timer
The Kinetix® Control, the Superstar blender with 7 task controls for easy operation & even blending. And an LCD timer display for consistent & precise blending.
Energy Bites
feat. Kinetix® Control Blender - SRP: PHP 16,999

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Before I was aiming for the Breville Blender or the Juicer but now upon seeing this...
I have a changed of heart :) 
My eyes popped as I see how many attachments this Breville Mixer have. 
Ok, "ipon" starts now :)

How about you? What Breville Appliance is your pick?
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