PRISM Digital Learning Expo in Pampanga was held at the Holy Angel University. It's actually on its the fourth installment of the said program.  

Azrael Coladilla, Enzo Luna, Ted Caludio, Arabelle Jimenez, Ron Oriel Villagonzalo of PBNET
I. together with the rest of the PBNET, head up north to witness be part of this Digital Learning Expo dedicated for our beloved teachers. And is sponsored by Globe Telecom.  

The first three took place at Metro Manila (Mandaluyong), Bicol (Naga), Visayas (Cebu).  The last workshop will be held in Cagayan de Oro, representing Mindanao.

Message from Holy Angel University Ms. Lizabelle B. Gamboa 

- Principal, Basic Education Department

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
with Ms. Lizabelle B. Gamboa of HAU and Ms. Mitch Tapia of Globe

Over 150 teachers joined the Pampanga leg which also saw participants from Laguna, Baguio, and Isabela.among others.

The PRISM Expo is the culminating activity for the program.  It showcases the different digital literacy projects the teachers created as part of the workshop.

Get to know more about PRISM Digital Learning Program
PRISM is a three-week professional development program conducted by Globe Telecom.  It involves a two-day immersive Bootcamp, blended project-based learning, and personalized coaching for a total of 1,000 educators all over the country who are teaching the new Media and Information Literacy (MIL) subject in Senior High School as well as English and Social Studies at both K-12 and higher education levels. 

The teachers will be part of various activities and projects in technology-enabled instruction and content development that can help them face the challenge of integrating technology into their lessons and making it an effective tool for learning anytime, anywhere.

A key component of the program is the Brightspace Integrated Learning Platform.  The teachers will undergo distance learning for three weeks with access to the global Brightspace Community, multimedia resources to guide them through the learning process, and a seamless platform to collaborate with learning coaches and teachers in real time.

How teachers were chosen?
Teachers are nominated by both Globe and the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC). The PEAC National Secretariat processes the nominations submitted by schools nationwide while a Vetting Committee, composed of two (2) representatives from the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA), a DepEd Regional Director, and the PEAC Executive Director, is set in place to closely vet the nominated teachers.

Meet ROY G BIV: Colours at PRISM 
and Missions in line.
RED Mission
The Red Mission is all about the younger generation, studying what makes them tick. What are their technology habits? How might we teach them better? Teachers in this mission get to write blogs, read online articles, use graphics, and apply various research methods to understand GenZ learners better.

ORANGE Mission
The Orange Mission, Teachers get to make educational materials such as games and interactive media that can motivate and engage learners. They experiment with a various tool to reflect on their students' performance, research best [ractices of educational games. design prototypes, and test these digital materials on learners

YELLOW Mission
The Yellow mission helps visionary teachers rally their community together to address challenges inside and outside the school. By going through a process of empathy, research, and brainstorming, they get to develop project proposals and strategically use technology tools to gain interest and support for their ideas.

GREEN Mission
The focus of the Green Mission is social media etiquette: digging into common challenges of interacting in social networking platforms. how can we be productive in these settings? Teachers become netiquette advocates through storytelling communication design and video production.

BLUE Mission
For the Blue Mission, the teachers' zone is on classroom strategies and teaching performance. They get to examine multiple video recordings of classes and develop digital rubrics to gather feedback and comments about their respective teaching practices. Record, Replay, Reflect, Repeat.

INDIGO Mission
The Indigo Mission taps teachers creative juices through design. the activities focus on how teachers can communicate with their partners and communities. By trying out various graphic design and media tools, they get to hone their design language and messaging strategies, as well as develop materials they can use in their classrooms and schools.

VIOLET Mission
The Violet Mission sees professional as both priority and a challenge for teachers. With the help of social networks, they get to develop their online profiles to reflect their professional interests. in doing so, they open up endless possibilities or participating in online communities. Learning becomes easier, strategic, and more meaningful.

Getting to know more about PRISM with Ms. Michelle Tapia. Advisor, Education Strategy, and Innovations at Globe Telecom.
"Globe aims to empower every Filipino with world-class learning through technology so that they can achieve their dreams and be successful in life. We close the gap by providing teachers the relevant knowledge and skills that they need to help students succeed in the 21st century, starting with the digital literacy program.  Students of today are digital natives who grew up in the era of Google, social media, and instant connectivity. The changing times mean that teacheyoutubrrs need to continuously adapt to their evolving role. They will have to be able to facilitate learning through new methods of teaching and various media, some of which may not even exist yet. This is precisely why fostering creative and critical thinking in learners is paramount.”

Gearing teachers with the right knowledge. Being an eye opener for the digital trend and Making our school teachers ready for that digital world jungle we had out there. With this great share to empower our teachers, Globe deserves a thumbs up!

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