Philam Vitality Active Mobile App

Filipinos are getting more and more health conscious. Most of us are well aware of various health risks that are out there. But still having an unhealthy lifestyle is what keeping us down to the 9th place among 15 Asia Pacific countries.

This is one of the main reason why Philam Life shifts its focus to improving the quality of life of every Filipino through health and wellness efforts with the Philam Vitality Program that kicked off way back 2015. the said program helps its customers make better decisions that contribute to their overall wellness and rewarding them along the way.

Making it easier to live active and more accessible, Philam Life formally launched the Philam Vitality Active App. The app is a simplified version of the program which is designed to reward its user for every personal health goal they achieved.

Every user is tasked to complete a short questionnaire to calculate one's Philam Vitality Age as a gauge of how well he\she lives. They will then be given weekly challenges that they can accomplish by completing a certain number of steps as measured by a fitness device or a free fitness app. For every challenge successfully completed for two consecutive weeks, users will receive exciting rewards such as free passes to SM Cinema, SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, Blink, and Exploreum.

Philam Life's mission is to change public perception towards life insurance policies. 
Realizing how important good health is and how it is central to human happiness and economic progress; the Philam Group, together with our parent company AIA, will reinvert the life insurance by changing our customers attitude towards health, - Philam Life CEO Mr. Aibee Cantos
By Positioning insurance in the space of "living better," Philam Life believes the program will help Filipinos be more comfortable with getting themselves insured for the future. 
As we move further into 2017, we will level up life insurance by promotingthe concept of living longer, healthier, and better lives in the things we do. We will help people take charge of their health so they can live life to the fullest and enjoy more quality time with their loved ones. This way, we can make a real difference in people's lives - Philam Life CEO Mr. Aibee Cantos.
Mika Reyes, Aibee Cantos, and Alyssa Valdez

Two of the country's greatest volleyball players: Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes were chosen as Philam Vitality Active's the app-based wellness program, Alyssa and Mika are aiming to bring out the best in every Filipino by encouraging them to be more fit and active. With these powerhouse athletes on board, Philam Life hopes to encourage more Filipinos to start their fitness journey with Philam Vitaly Active App.

Now, what team are you in? Are you #ActiveAlyssa or #ActiveMika? Take your fitness to the test and join the Live Active Challenge! Download the Philam Vitality Active App on App Store Philippines and Google Play and get a chance to win one of eight Garmin Vivofit 3 watches. promo period is from March 1 to April 30, 2017