Hello, Ladies!!! 

Raise your brows if you believe in the saying that "Kilay is Life" Ahahahha!  We all do right?!

As for me, I'm having a hard a time doing it myself that's why I regularly visit brow salon for my kilay. But there are times that I can't sched for an appointment because I was a bit lazy or no time because of my busy schedule or worse my budget won't allow me to. :P Which leads me to think and wishing that sana I have the skill to do my own brows since it's already part of my everyday life.

Then, one fine day, a lovely surprise from fashion21 arrived at my place. 

The  fashion21 Perfect Brow Bundle
fashion21 Perfect Brow Bundle: Eyebrow Gel, Duo Eye Enhancer, and the Brow Shaver
 All out smile as I open the little envelope containing these goodies. Oh wow, just what I need. In an instant, I loooooove the shade fashion21 sent me. I know it'll match my morena skin. Yay!!!

fashion21 Eyebrow Gel in Copper Brown

fashion21 Eyebrow Gel, Swatched.

  Next piece is the fashion21 Duo Eye Enhancer
fashion21 Duo Eye Enhancer
fashion21 Duo Eye Enhancer in Dark Copper
 fashion21 Duo Eye Enhancer, Swatched.

Now here's the best part, Fashion21 has a special treat for all you gals.
The #October21Fashion21Promo
  Buy the Duo Eye Enhance + an Eyebrow Gel and get a FREE Eyebrow Shaver!

Free Eyebrow Shaver in every fashion21 Eyebrow Gel and Duo Eye Enhancer bundle.
fashion21 Perfect Brow Bundle

Promo up from October 21, 2016 till October 31, 2016 only 
Available at all Fashion21 outlets nationwide


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What are you waiting for? 
Hurry and Grab your very own Fashion21 Perfect Brow Bundle now!