Gateway Mall is a bit far from my place. But once in awhile, I go visit for there are a lot of good finds and promotional "sale" that you'll never find anywhere else. But this post is not about it. Still keeping it a secret :P maybe on my next post hahaha.

Anyways, I noticed that li'l space in the middle that seems like a terrarium to me. I kinda noticed it whenever I was in the area. At first, I thought it's just a garden effect but later on, I've noticed tables and chairs too. And Just recently Pizza Hut invite us over for an event and  shocks!!!, it's an event place pala! 

Well, minus the exaggeration, this place is where guests of restos nearby can dine at no extra cost. and can also cater for private functions. COOL!!!

Now you're interested? Ok, read on...
"It opens up to the sky. A respite in the middle of a bustling mall where great food can be had, privacy is a given, and conversations come easy."
The Oasis at Gateway Mall
The first and only air-conditioned, open-air floating garden restaurant in Gateway Mall, this 450-square meter venue is open to diners and can be booked for private functions.  This private setting, which turns into an intimately lit cocoon upon nightfall, is accentuated by towering 60-foot palm trees, a fish pond and a wishing well within an elegant glass enclosure that offers diners a view of the tasteful interiors of the multi-awarded Gateway Mall.

Tranquil and cozy, this pocket of greenery in the midst of modern amenities is just what harried shoppers need – a true gem right in the heart of the Araneta Center.

Restaurants serving at the Oasis:
CafĂ© Adriatico 
Sumo Sam
Pizza Hut

Operating hours 10am to 9pm (Sunday to Thursdays) 10am to 10om (Friday-Saturday) with Seating capacity Up to 70 pax
Amenities: Bar, Dedicated food servers, Outdoor umbrella seating, and 360˚ Air-Conditioning system

Now are you considering The Oasis as your event venue soon?
For Booking Inquiries - Concierge 588-4000

UP NEXT: My #PizzaMeNow Event at The Oasis Gateway Mall