Pizza Hut serves fresh, hot, fast new website
Pizza Hut, the country’s food delivery expert, has launched a new website that’s designed not only to change the way you order your favorite pizza, but also to set a new standard when it comes to ordering food online for delivery.

Lorent Adrias Head of Marketing- PizzaHut

We have always been known as the pioneer and expert in food delivery in the Philippines, and this is borne out of our commitment to provide our customers fresh, hot food fast wherever they are,” shares Pizza Hut Philippines marketing head Lorent Adrias. “But technology and our fast-paced lifestyles are changing the way we perceive convenience when it comes to ordering our food, so we thought to show our customers that we remain serious in our delivery service with the new website.”

Pizza Hut Philippines’ new website,, now has an easy-to-use interface that cuts through identity verification, redirection, and complicated re-ordering. Customers only need to create new log-on details to grant them access to site-exclusive promos. Ordering is made easy for all registrants as they can place their orders through the “Order Now” button.

Pizza lovers can now choose to order anytime, anywhere by selecting “delivery” if they want to order but need to stay put, or “carryout” if they want to pick-up their take-out order at the nearest Pizza Hut branch. They can even set the exact time they want to get their Pizza Hut items through the “Now” or “Later” button!

Finding the Pizza Hut restaurant closest to a site user’s location has become hassle-free, as it takes only 2 clicks in the new website to do it. After finalizing orders, customers can check-out by registering a new account, filling out their contact details, choosing their preferred payment method, and agreeing to the site’s Terms of Use.

Pizza Hut’s revamped website also makes delivery great by remembering the last items ordered, so there’s no need to repeat going through complicated steps just to re-order favorites on the next site visit. It also has two sections devoted entirely to deals exclusive to those with online accounts: Promos and Coupons, both immediately visible on the homepage.

Finally, the new online site is now responsive on mobile phones and tablets, making it easier to navigate on different screen sizes across devices. “Whether it’s in the middle of a rushed group project overlapping with lunch or dinner, a surprise announcement that calls for a celebration, rushing between two parties, or just spending a cozy, long-overdue “me time” at home, it’s now easier and faster to enjoy great meals,” Adrias adds.

And to celebrate the arrival of the new website, Pizza Hut rewards all new customers placing their orders online with a free regular Hawaiian Supreme Pizza for a minimum spend of P500 for a limited time!

Pizza Hut Mexican Dynamite

No more excuses to skip a meal or miss out on a chance to celebrate. Enjoy the best of food delivery now and order mouth-watering pizzas and other Pizza Hut items online, hassle-free at today and Pizza Party Galore na!!!

To  learn more about the new website, check out the official Facebook page at, or follow @PizzaHutPhils on both Twitter and Instagram.