Disclaimer: This is not a networking spill :P 
It is just the Chaplin's tag line saying "take your time"

And to my understanding and witty thoughts, it means Chaplin is a good place to spend your me-time, or spare time, simply because you'll love staying at their comfy cafe and will enjoy their great tasting food.

The first time I ever tasted Chaplin's dishes is during a cable tv series block screening event that I was invited into. I love every dish they served most especially the desserts and till now, just a thought of it makes me drool, lol :P

A couple of months ago, CHAPLIN cafe, located inside Century City Mall, invited me together with other food and lifestyle bloggers for  a sumptuous lunch.  Guess what?, I said yes right away (^.^,) I am really looking forward to "that" dessert  that I am craving for in my mind for weeks.

P.s It's sweet, chilled-ice creamy like texture bites and it tastes super good, too bad I don't know what it's called :(

Back to the food tripping, first off, let us start with the cold refreshing  drinks. I ordered some freshly squeezed lemonade, My fellow blogger friends chose strawberry fruit shake and chocolate milkshakes. While waiting, I look around Chaplin's cafe and here's what it looks like.

About the Ambiance: The place looks cute and neat with comfy chairs and cutesy tables and I'm so loving their huge glass window allowing  natural daylight in. Yay for amazing food photos plus no filter needed.

Drink it Up: Our drinks finally arrived and mind you, it's freshly made!

Healthy Fresh Fruit Shakes, Passion Fruit Lemonade, Strawberry Mint, and Crushed Lemon Grass

Strawberry Fruit Shake Php185.00

House Blend Passion Fruit Lemonade Php185.00
Home Fries Php275.00
One of the best tasting potato wedges that I've ever tried. Better to munch on it while it's still warm. 
But actually, it is still a-ok even at room temp.
Shakshouka Php295-375*
Poached eggs in tomato sauce, chilli peppers and onions +optional toppers
black olives, eggplant and feta Php365| jalapeno + mozerella Php345.00
meatball Php375 | plain Php295 | solo Php220
Chaplin Burger Php575.00U.S Beef patty with mushroom, caramelized onion, bacon and bbq sauce served with chop salad.
Chaplin Burger Php525.00
Waffle Benedict Php335.00
Bourekas Php280.00
An open faced sandwich croissant with pesto sauce, tomato slice, and hard boiled eggs, sliced
Beef Tenderloin Steak Php695.00
Grilled tenderloin steak with mashed potato topped with onion rings  
Eggplant Melanzane
Chicken Steak Php345.00
Grilled marinated chicken thigh served with large cut fries and salad
Chaplin's Chocolate SoufflĂ© with Ice Cream Php240.00
I saw that they were serving coffee with that frothy art in it. I ordered one and I felt so kilig having it. The staff said that they are not really into coffee arts because they are more into promoting good tasting coffee than into good looking coffee. NICE! and I must say their coffee is more flavorful than it looks.

Cappuccino Php130.00
Coffee Time
Chaplin Tea Php160.00
Such a beautiful tea, right?
Chaplin Tea's ingridients: Honey, Ginger, Cinnamon, Orange Slice and Mint
Save room for Desserts...
Triple Chocolate Mousse Php220.00
Crumble Cheesecake Php220.00
But my journey to finding that dessert is an epic fail. According to Chaplin's Chefs, it's not available that day and it was indeed one of their best sellers :( but on the lighter note, I now know its name. Behold for that dessert that haunts me char! It's called Napoleon.

Wrapping this post up with my Top5 Chaplin Food Choices
1. Houseblend Passion Fruit Lemonade
2. Cappuccino
3. Chaplin Burger
4. Chicken Steak
5. Potato Wedges
6. Napoleon
7. Large Cut / Belgian Fries 
Oops Top 5 nga pala sumobra. :P

Try it yourself! 
Visit Chaplin Cafe in Century City Mall soon.

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