I love featuring food on my blog. Simply because I love to eat and going places. Warning: Exposing some hidden secrets in this post and posts in the future featuring #SecretsofTheSouth food crawl edition. Sorry Southies peeps, I'm going to share some of your best-kept Resto for Metro-Manila peeps like me. 

In this post, I'll be featuring 4 Restaurants. Facilitated by Ms. Kathy Kenny of lifeiskulayful.com for the #SecretsOfTheSouth Food Trip Edition.

First Stop: Just Thai
Just Thai
The title itself gave it all. The restaurant owner loves Thai food that much that they opened up a resto offering only Thai cuisine. I do believe that if you love someone or something you'll give everything, Kaya I know this one is very promising. And for a foodie who loves Thai food, I'm sure they'll only be offering nothing but Thai's best Dishes. I bet this is going to be great!

Located at Molito Commercial Complex in Alabang. Will you look at that concept? Thai-inspired setting right? BTW It's not only the food that I like about Thai's but also I am hands down to their horror flicks! 

Just Thai Ambiance: Gives you that Thailander feels with soothing music and artsy decors plus comfy feel. I suddenly felt relaxed and happy and seems like any moment there will be cultural dancers all over the place. just kidding!

Just Thai Food: The food were amazing!!! Actually, everything they served is super great! Wala akong masabi. P.s I'm allergic to squid. I am avoiding squids in any food trips I've been into. But you know me, matigas ang ulo ko and I want to give everything a try and then that's it one bite follows another and another!!! *P.s I'll be posting separate food features about #secretofthesouth cause good food deserves it. so this is just a special rundown folks

Thai Iced Tea
Then I fell in love.

Who wouldn't? Their milk tea, better known as Thai Iced Tea is so good! I fell in love with its unique flavor and milky taste. And look at this pretty dessert. Pretty na, masarap pa. The mangoes were so sweet.

Just Thai Service: Everything is prepared from scratch kaya it takes time. I actually saw their staff picking up some leaves just outside their door. I was like, anong drama ni kuya? yun pala they are growing their own herbs just outside their premises so everything is fresh ang galing! The waiting time is well-rewarded with their great tasting food. Plus the staff were so attentive and all smiles kaya super enjoyed our stay. *P.s walang keme cause I did not  introduce myself as a blogger late na nila nalaman :P  paying customer or blogger. I want  to see how staff treat their guests. And I'm happy naman sa kinalabasan.

JUST THAI on social media: facebook | instagram 

Second Stop: COOLATO
Coolato Artisan Gelato

COOLATO Artisan Gelato is located along SM Cinemas in SM BF. Handmade Ice Cream... Sounds interesting! An ice-cream while you wait as it may seem to me. I enjoyed watching as an Ice cream maker at Coolato makes my Banofie Pie came to ice cream life right in front of me. Yay Magic! #JK 

From scratch...
Cold Plates where the Coolato Ice cream is made.
I'll post a video about the process of how my COOLATO Banofie Pie was made in a separate post.

To this! 
COOLATO Banofie Pie
My COOLATO Experience: I scream for Ice Cream but only the best tasting ones ah. Actually, I have this favorite Ice Cream Brand that no one else comes close to. :P My first choice was the salted caramel,  but Ms. Kenny suggested that I should try the Banofie Pie,  I said Ok. BTW, it seems pretty tasty (^.^,)

Guess what? I liked it (^.^,) and I almost forgot about my favorite brand. hahaha. Seriously.

Other COOLATO Sweet Choices 

COOLATO on facebook 

Third Stop: SIAM 

Siam commonly known as Siam Noodle House is located at Presidents Ave. corner Aguirre Ave. Perfect for your Noodle Cravings especially this rainy season. 

SIAM Ambiance: Having the same owner (from Just Thai) The thematic feel is still intact, but Siam has its own identity. Lovin the oregano in a vase as the table centerpiece. Earthy and Asian Colors surrounds the place and loving the lights too. Perfect for dates ayiiii!

Honestly, I fall out of love with noodles. Simply because I'm sick and tired of having the wrong ones that left me not excited anymore about noodles. Yung tipong a friend of your's saying "Masarap dito, try mo!" with "Di ka magsisisi!" line, But even right after the first sip of the soup you don't wanna open your mouth again for that noodles or even commenting to your friend about its taste,  or might end up getting  F.O #friendshipover :P

I guess it just leaves me to thinking that iba iba talaga  ang "taste" naten :P

Here in Siam, 5 different bowls of noodles were served to us. And to my surprise 4/5 passed my liking! and One instantly became my favorite.  *More details on my Siam Post :)

Acquired Taste: I'm not a picky eater... Okay! I admit, Yes can be picky and my close friends know about it. Medyo lang. But still, I gave everything a chance. It's not the first time that I tried a Lemongrass drink, at first I was like "what the?" But as I sipped more from my glass I kinda liked it. Now that there's a lemongrass drink in siam why not give it a try too. It was refreshingly nice. But I know someone who doesn't and even how many tries and begging included she won't accept. :P

Siam's Pod Thai
Siam on facebook

Last Stop: Mystic Brew

Last but effin'ly not the least, is Mystic Brew,  A not your ordinary cafe located in Las Pinas.

Lovin the mystical feel, There's a lot of things going on inside the Mystic Brew. Your eyes will  get busy, definitely! Oh! your taste buds too!

Mystic Brew Box Shop
Mystic Brew box Shop: a little corner where everything is for sale. From collectibles, books, cd's
mugs, up to hand made wands.

Mystic Brew Box Shop
Mystic Brew Brazo de Mercedez Cupcake
With good food and flavorful coffee, Mystic Brew is a perfect place to hang out and chill. Honestly, our group was on a tight schedule for we don't want to go home late but due to the food and homey, mystic and comfy ambiance we forgot about the time and in the end went home late :P 
Mystic Brew Cappuccino
Mystic Brew on social media: facebook

Again, this post is a special rundown of our #SecretsOfTheSouth food trip.
Thanks to: Kathy Kenny for this!

Special Thanks to:
Just Thai | COOLATO | SIAM Noodle House | Mystic Brew