The Red Transformation -
Luxury within Reach
Redfox Technologies International Ltd., one of the country’s leading sources of innovative IT solutions, has officially changed its image to strengthen the brand locally and globally. With a new brand identity that supports the tagline, “Luxury within Reach,” the company is set to provide premium products that will cater to the higher-end market and millennials.

Moving Forward
From being a PC manufacturing company to becoming a provider of end-to-end solutions and globally-acclaimed products, Redfox has opted to widen its product portfolio, now providing a premium and luxurious selection of products that include its latest line of smartphones, laptops, gaming PCs, and other peripherals. This is in addition to its existing lineup of pioneering products. Redfox will also continue to offer products dealing with education and the government.
The company has a solid industry experience as an end-to-end solution provider. As it continued to develop, it formed new sub-companies to provide high-quality products, delivering all the hardware and software resources, and engaging from conceptualization to production, and up to the distribution of the finished product.
Said sub-companies are Redfox Laboratory International Ltd., a company that puts effort on the Research and Development (R&D) of Redfox products, with offices in Shenzhen China, Hong Kong (hardware), and Philippines (software); A.L.e-Component Int’l. Inc., a company based in Cavite, Philippines, focusing on Redfox’s Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS); Asiantech, a company also based in the Philippines that focuses on the distribution, logistic and warehousing of Redfox; and Wiz Store, Redfox’s concept store, catering to retailers and kiosks, with two (2) branches located at SM North and SM Marikina.
Stepping Up the Game
As a company currently positioned in the market as an original equipment and design manufacturer, Redfox is determined to step up its game and position itself as an Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM), catering to the upper and middle class customers, as well as millennials, here and abroad.
The new brand identity, “Luxury within Reach,” will help promote products that strike quality and elegance at a reachable cost. Constantly committed to offer the best customer service and satisfaction, Redfox aims to provide the finest and luxurious commercial products that exude confidence and sophistication. In line with this, Redfox is building a global RMA and nationwide service center that will provide customer support 24/7.
Embracing Change
To support the new brand identity of Redfox, consumers will soon get to see the first UXperience Center in Southeast Asia that will offer interactive E-Sports and learning centers supported by E-Blue. This approach is expected to catapult the brand into the global stage.
Consumers will also get a treat, as Redfox plans to do mall road tours to promote its first ever luxurious smartphone called “Aurea.” The Redfox Aurea is set to position itself as the brand’s latest flagship smartphone.
Redfox is embracing change, continuously developing gaming ideas and cutting-edge technology for its smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and gaming PC segments. Redfox is also securing more successful partnerships, not only here in the Philippines but also in the global scale, to attain more powerful principles in facilitating business opportunities.
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