Gymboree celebrates its 40th anniversary with Pampers for a MOMMY MEET UP Event held last Sunday, August 14, at Glorietta 5 Atrium. 

Started up with event registration by 12nn, followed by Gymboree Programs and Activities happening here and there that kids and tots loved.

Will you look at the tons of fun-filled activity brought to us by Pampers and Gymboree!
A day full of active play, artsy fartsy crafts and more that my kids enjoyed so much!

"Play" for kids is like "Work" for Adults
According to experts: "Playtime is precious. Play builds pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, emphaty and mamy more lifegoing skills"
So Mommies, for uninterrupted play time let's #MoveUpToPampersPants na!

Pampers together with their Brand Ambassadors Andi Manzano-Reyes and Baby Olivia introduced the NEW Pampers Baby Dry Pants and #MoveUpToPampersPants Campaign 

"What I love about Pampers Baby-Dry is that it's strechable, with easy palit pants and 12-hours of dryness." Andi Manzano-Reyes
Baby Oliva 

Mommy Meet Up Event QnA

"I am a first time mom, I'm not perfect. I don't know everything in the world. So I really ask the experts. But at home, I am the expert" - Say Alonzo
Mommy Meet Up Panel: Ichel Alignay,  Say Alonzo, Tess Dumadag and Andi Manzano 

In this part of the event, Mommies shares their thoughts and asked the Panelist about Motherhood, Career, and SelfCare. 

"The best advice I could give to all is dont stress out. Sometimes other people will tell you this, sometimes your mother-in-law, sometimes your mom even, or sometimes your group of friends "oh bakit ganyan? bakit ganito?. Sometimes you just have to let it go. Parang, make motherhood should be easy, should be enjoyable. You Shouldn't stress about it."  -Andi 
"And also, I encourage everyone to use Pampers Baby-Dry. With 12hours of dryness,easy palit pants, It actually helped me so much, It really is stress free for moms."-Andi
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants Product Launch and Demo

 Soft Touch Dry Layer for Pampers
 Dryness Test
Squeeze Test

What can I say? I guess pictures tell it all.
  The Leaky and Soggy Brand X fails.
The soft cover Pampers Baby Dry Pants is still dry and leak proof! Oh Wow!

PLUS here's the 3 Easy-Steps  
1 Stretch | 2 Easy To Put On | 3 Easy To Tear Off

1. Stretchy Stretch: 
Pampers Baby-Dry has an all around waistband that is so stretchy and super manageable for putting on to your toddlers. 

2. Easy To Put On Minus The Cuts
This is a super great news that I really, really like. I hate fastening of tapes. Not only that it loses its fastening/adhesive effect after putting powder or lotion to my baby but because some tapes can be sharp and can damage my baby's sensitive skin. 

I experienced it myself, back in the day with my kids during those diaper days where I can see some red cuts that I thought was from my nails or other stuff. But its form the tapes pala talaga! No matter how good I aligned the diaper, It is no match for the kulit-activity of my baby kaya nagagasgas pa din ang chubby legs nila noon. Now that Pampers has this stretchy waistband and easy to put on feature, No more cuts na for my baby, So Happy na si Mommy! I can put the diaper while my baby is lying down or even standing up!

3. Easy To Tear Off
Taking it off your baby/toddler is as easy breezy as putting it in. Just tear off the side waistband and off it'll go! Now I'm Super loving this Pampers Baby Dry Pants!!!

Additional Features: New Pampers® Baby Dry Pants a Soft Touch-Dry Layer and Magic Gel that absorbs liquid 30x its weight, providing your baby with outstanding leakage protection even during active play.  It has a breathable back sheet, for increased comfort and protection against skin irritation.

Pampers Baby Dry Pants Medium (20’s): SRP Php204.00  
Pampers Baby Dry Pants Large (18’s)  XLarge (16’s)  Large (14’s): SRP Php214.00

Next time you go shopping for your babies diaper #MoveUpToPampersPants na!
Easy Palit Pants with up to 12hours of wetness absorption, A surely Must buy for Moms!