After arriving late and tired from our flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. There's only one thing I look forward to aside from where we are about to spent our first night in Palawan, it is where to eat?
If you don't know me by now, I'm the type of traveler who likes to get a taste of local food. Either in a small eatery along the streets, up to the casual dining and if my budget permits I will splurge on a luxurious meal too. Besides food is my weakness :P
Luckily Arnold's Boodle Fight Seafood Square in Baybay or also known as Baywalk got our dinner covered. Arnold's Seafood Square is the first to offer Boodle fight food set-up in Baybay. Now, even with a lot of restaurants sprouts along the Baywalk, locals and tourist still go for Arnold's. Hmm, I wonder why?

As we find our seats, let me describe the area. It's like an open space eatery with good music playing. Seem's like Larsian in Cebu, but still different because of the bar set up and the tables were exclusively for Arnold's customers only. I mean each resto has their own area.  As we wait for our food to be served I can see people are starting to show up and it didn't take long for it to be fully occupied with diners and of course drinkers.
The owner Sir Arnold, informed us that he planned to serve food in boodle fight set-up. But unfortunately, banana leaves are not in its perfect condition and he can't get some because there's no more supply. But hey, I think it's okay. Because the taste is what matters most, right? That's the foodie in me talking. :P
Basically, those are the contents of Arnold's boodle fight, minus the banana leaves :P
We had 2 platters of seafood, pork bbq's and vegetables. 
And a big grilled fish and their newest eel dish for us to try.
 Food Trip Starts Now! Attack!!!
 What's on my plate? 
Everything :P
We enjoyed our first night in Puerto Princesa and so is our first official PPS meal Yummy!

Thanks to Sir Arnold of Arnold's Baywalk Seafood Square for our delicious dinner.
And Direk Dante for making our #PPSgetaway possible. 
Such a good night. Cheers to good food and good company!

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