Alviera GO Play, The World's First Ever Game Show Inspired Playground.

Batang 90's be like: Playing with friends for Langit-Lupa, Taguan,  Tumabang Preso, Piko, Luksong Tinik, Block 1,2,3, and so much more... wait this is not an App :P It's what we call "Laro" back in the day when we were all kids playing games on the street. This is definitely the best era where we go out on the streets and play all day, but of course after school and done with the assignments and afternoon naps and uwian time before six.

Hay nakakamiss!!!  And now na matanda na ako. I know the kid in me is still there :P Kaya the moment I learned about Alviera Go Play, Halaaa unleashed the kid in me and game on!!!!

About Alviera, the mixed-use development rising in Porac, Pampanga played host to the first game show-inspired playground in the world. Guest young and old experienced outdoor fun and wacky games inspired by hit TV shows like: Takeshi’s CastleWipeout, and Gladiators in a one-day summer festival. 


Alviera Go Play was a day full of lively and exciting games, with mental and physical challenges that can get you tinkering and sometimes can induce friendship-over lol just kidding, And the not to miss bouncy inflatables that is so eye catching in colours and makes your heart go wild in the sense that you wanna just dive into it, Plus the prizes, food, and good music.

Here are the happenings of the final stretch of my summer at Alviera Go Play:
p.s Please don't judge me :P #KidAtHeart

Human Foosball 
Life version of the table foosball, The team with the most number points after 4minutes wins.

The Wacky Inflatable Obstacle Course 

Players must finish the course in less than 2 minutes.

Agawan Base Zorb Ball Edition.
Seems like Block 1,2,3 game that we had in the past but with a huge twist , the ZORBs :P

Dizzy Frisbee

Frisbee with a twist too :P

Active challenges delighted and challenged guests such as kicking a goal without wobbling, but only after spinning yourself silly in Dizzy Penalty Kick.

Dizzy Penalty Kick
Another must-be -Dizzy-first game here :)

Every hour throughout the day there was a foam bash party.  Kids aged 13 years old and below were treated to an exclusive inflatable play area. 

Kids Area
For the real kids at the moment: Cause we know Aviera Go Play is for The KidsAtHeart dabah
The kids have a special area too. Here' nobody is out of place :)

The Wacky Inflatable Challenge
Can you finish the course in less than 2 minutes?


Alviera Go Play is a partnership between Alviera and Runtertainment, the company behind Outbreak Manila, Slidefest Philippines, and Breakout Philippines. Players sampled the Breakout Philippines Escape Room Game at the event and had a real taste of the game’s excitement and mystery.
 More Go Play Activities:

Human Tic-Tac-Toe
Alam nyo na yan :P

Dizzy Maze

On the starting line, players need to bow down with their left hand holding their ear while turning around  for 10times.

 Plus you have to wear a special goggles pa ah!
How dizzy could one be?

I bet super Dizzy! Let's ask Ace kaya? 
But I bet the picture tells it all :P
The first to finish the maze is the winner. and it's not Ace hahahahha!
"We are all about memorable moments, big laughs, and team work. Go Play offered young and old a fun-filled festival atmosphere of games, music, food, drinks, foam pits, and lots of selfie opportunities," 
 - Angelo Cruz, Runtertainment Managing Director.

Blindfolded Musical Chairs

Alviera Go Play ran like an outdoor arcade where players can earn more tickets or exchange them for prizes. A Regular Go Player was allotted one to 10 points, while the Extreme Go Player had 20 points. Children aged 7 and below registered as Go Kids Player and started off with 10 points. Each activity required points to join in. Every successful activity gained a player more points. Players “refilled” points at the point refilling station and winners exchanged points for souvenir items.

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The Alviera Go Play also featured the thrilling attractions of SandBox for a full outdoor summer adventure. Go Players had an opportunity to enjoy SandBox attractions like the Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower free fall, wall climbing, and Avatar One roller coaster zipline.

“Alviera Go Play was truly a signature event to cap off the summer,”
 “This is the kind of experience one enjoys in Alviera, the kind that lets everyone participate in the fun and appreciate the outdoors.” 

 -Jomi de Guzman, Alviera Project Development Manager.

It was a funfilled day! Super!!! 
Gotta watch out for the next Go Play talaga! And make sure you'll go ha?! Game On!!!

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