Palawan is on the top of my travel bucket list. Having the chance to go see it sooner than I have planned nor expected is really a dream come true. But before, nagkakasya na lang ako kaka-stalked sa instagram photo's ng mga random people going somewhere in Palawan. 
From the looks of it, I fell in love... not with the random people ah,  hahaha but with the majestic rocky mountains that I find unique, with their amazing saltwater having that I-dont-know-what-shade-of-blue-and-green. Luscious greens while travelling on the road, and of course their amazing and not papahuling- Beaches.
Arriving with a Warm Welcome.
Thanked God that our flight was on schedule. (30minutes late, I can live with that. Que sa naman yung first flight ko where we stayed at the airport for 6 hours :P) Arriving with a warm welcome from the beautiful people of Puerto Princesa is super kilig. Lakas maka-Bb.Pilipinas delegate :P
PPS Touchdown and Checked In
Microtel By Wyndham Puerto Princesa will be our home for the first 2 nights,
of our 4days 4nights stay in Palawan. 
All smiles kahit pagod: Cyrene, Christian, Iza, Lee, Chris and Me :)

Officially our first day in Microtel and it fascinates me even more. 
Details about my Microtel By Wyndham Staycation on a separate blog post. (^.^,)
The remaining days and nights to spent at Citystate Asturias Hotel for the second half of our PPS Adventure
Asturias Hotel
Road Tripping Right About Now! 
Basically here's what happened...
Dinner at Arnold's Baywalk Seafood Square 
Best known for their Boodle Fight set meals.
Kakain Naaaaa!!!
 Nightcap anyone?
Viet Ville Restaurant
We had our sumptuous lunch ala Vietnamese style at Viet Ville Restaurant.

 Very Asian, and more likely Filipino infused too.
TIP: Here, you can dress up like a true-blue-Vietnamese. 
Different costumes are available for rent. 
Tiya Ising's
Filipino Restaurant . Have a taste of history.
Super heavy meal for a jam-packed day!
La Terrasse
...for desserts
Firefly watching at Siksikan River and Dinner at The Floating Restaurant
Beach Mode:
Nagtabon Beach

Island Hopping Day!
All Aboard??? Yep, and  I am so excited!!!
We're going for a swim, snorkeling, boating etc. and it sounds super exciting!!!
 Isla Felomina
Located in barangay New Panggangan, 

an amazing snorkeling and dive site.

Underground River
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Quick stop at Robinsons Palawan
Last but not the least...
The Puerto Princesa City Tour
This is just a special rundown post, folks.
Relax, cause I'll be sharing a more detailed post about this trip, PROMISE!
Historical Landmarks
Plaza Cuartel
Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
Plus, I got a little extra...
We had so much fun!!! Kita naman dibah?
Please do come back for a much detailed post about my  "Exploring Puerto Princesa " Escapade.

Ciao for now (^.^,)

My Puerto Princesa Adventures...
Nagtabon Beach | Isla Felomina
Kota Spa | Casa Nieves | Let The River Rest Campaign | Panja Resort | Palawan Heritage
La Terrasse | Viet Ville Restaurant | Tiya Ising's Filipino Restaurant
Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa | Asturias Hotel

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