An All-Day-Breakfast hub. That is what Heaven and Eggs is known for. + the Pancakes and Waffles.
Located at Glorietta 4, Ground level (outside part fronting the drop-off area) 

Chocolate Chip Waffles

I love pancakes and waffles. It's so easy to prepare but a good tasting one is hard to find specially for a blogger like me, where we took photo's for the first 10 minutes before eating leaving the food not so warm anymore and pancakes and waffle at a room temperature is not that appealing anymore no matter how good looking it is. 

Fruity Tootie

But I was amazed with Heaven and Eggs's Fruity Tootie. Yes it's not that hot and fresh anymore because of the pictorial ceremony I was in to (always) but the waffle is so flavorful and still in a texture I never imagine it to be. I thought it'll be hard as the usual waffles where it's always with "nalipasan-crunch" but this one is sooooo good. No "matigas-corners" and still fluffy-as-cakefeels. I enjoyed this so much.

But here's something new from Heaven & Eggs. Their Chef's Recommendation Menu available inn 3 Sets that price starts from P499-799.00

Chef's Recommendation:

Set Menu A P499.00
Soup of the Day 
Deep fried Breaded Steak Fillet 
served with Mashed Potato Served with Mango Salad on top
Option2 Breaded Beef Steak with Mango Salsa and Potato Wedges

Green House Salad and Iced Tea

 Set Menu B P599.00
Divine Buffalo Wings 
Flavorful and juicy big cuts of chicken wings served with blue cheese dip, celery stacks and carrot sticks. 

Plain Rice and Pancakes

 Set Menu C P799.00
 Soup of the Day
Green House Salad
Grilled Scampi 
Flamed grilled prawns in tangy flavorful marinate served with Heaven & Eggs original mango salsa coupled with red onions, fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

Plain Rice
Tres Leches Cake and Ice Tea

I had to chance to try those 3 amazing dishes and my favorite would be... The SET B. I love the buffalo wings. So tasty and ful of exciting flavor. Actually, for me, it has a flavor like no other. I kinda miss it's taste na nga as I am writing this post. Oh Heaven & Eggs till we meet again (^.^,)