During the last five years of environmental destruction of climate changes crises have reached the highest stage of public’s mindset,  in fact, or country has already breached its full biological capacity, forest cover have tremendously reduced to around 23%, a number of rivers and lakes across the country is dying and the list of environmental demise goes on.  For a sizeable majority of Filipinos (63%) the recent calamities by the Philippines and other countries may be attributed to human-induced environmental destruction.  A recently released survey in July 2015 also shows that 72% of Filipinos say that they are “very concerned” about climate change.
The glooming scenario paved the way for the coming out and becoming more and more aggressive environmental and climate groups and advocates, including the church and other faith-based organizations.  Green campaigns such as 10 million signature petition for environment, climate justice march, 700 KM climate walk, hunger strikes, caravans and other forms of protest of nationwide scale have been successfully launched.  Local struggles were also waged and are being escalated and sustained by local communities affected.

As these campaigns gain headway, government and state actors responded through policy actions and crafted programs designed to address environment and climate problems in the country.   Green issues stirred debates and created rifts between and among departments and agencies.  Few politicians, incumbent and those who are running in this May 2016 elections have emerged with stand and views on environment and climate change concerns.  Some would have included green points in their electoral platform.  Just the same, all their statements are merely rhetorics.  The questions remains.  How committed are these politicians and candidates in adopting and more so in pursuing the Green Agenda?

Anchored on 8 thematic issues, the campaign aims to :

1.        Raise environmental and green issues as essential / basic / key to poverty alleviation, corruption, other major issues;

2.       Consolidate environmental groups and frontline communities as the main group pushing for the campaign;

3.        Enjoin the public to embrace the green electoral agenda which would be part of the basis for their voting;

4.       Get the commitment the national and local politicians running for post to embrace the green agenda; and

5.       Hold newly elected publics officials accountable on their positions, commitments to the green agenda, and environmental mandates.

Behind the scenes at the Green Coalition x Bloggers Meet Up Day at the La Mesa EcoPark
Ms. Norie Garcia ALKFI Advocacy and Partnership Director

Mr. Ivan Henares of "Ivan About Town" Travel, Heritage and Culture Blog
GTC Blogger Guest Speaker

Eco Park Tour

Closing Remarks from Ms. Neng of Green Peace

Hosted by Mr. JP David

The Coalition is committed to work on the following:

1)       Biodiversity and ecosystem integrity;
2)      Natural resource and land use management and governance;
3)      Human rights and integrity of creations;
4)      Climate justice;
5)      Mining, extractives and mineral resource management;
6)      Energy transformation and democracy;
7)      Sustainable food sovereignty;
8)      People-centered sustainable developments; and
9)      Waste management

Line up of events from The Coalition to look forward to:
February – April  Provincial Forums
-          April 22               Big Mobilization on Earth Day 
-          April22                Candidates’ Green Score Card Announcement 

-         July – September Major activities with the first 100 Days in Office