The Boom Kids
Yes... you read it right. Those pretty, eye-candy, "I-died-in-cuteness" looking headphones are for kids only. Now I'm sad and I wanna cry.  Mom! buy me this, puhlease kasya pa din yan sa head ko :P 

How I wished I was a kid again for those cutesy headphones. The Boom Kids is a rough and ready headphones with a kid-friendly volume level. Knowing kids, they are very playful and curious so whatever button they'll see, it's 100% that they'll press it. In order to keep kids ear safe from harmful volume levels, The Boom Kids comes with a built-in parental volume control that allows parents to set the volume at their desired or ideal level. The volume control is placed behind the left ear cushion and is easy to adjust at your preference.

Built-in Parental Volume Control
Boom Kids
Boom Kids
ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNEFOR ultimatcomfort and wearability. Using a concepwe call 3D ergonomics, each model is crafted to follow the angles of the head for a comfortable fit. The Boom Kids sturdy frame is crafted to withstand the pressure of everyday listening while minimal parts means less weight on both big and  small heads. 

The ZoundLasso, together with the flat cable is the solution for a tangle-free life. The pliablplug bends 180 degrees to hold your cable in place when you aren’t using your headphones, and its angled design protects against breakage at the connection point. Jus wrap the flat cable around the ZoundLasso and secure it with the flexible plug.

Again... For Kids Only (^.^,)

Coloud Boom Kids Headphones 
Available at selected Digital Walker and Beyond The Box Stores Nationwide