Coloud Launches The Hoop Anchor Earbuds in the Philippine Market

The Hoop
Wayback year 2012 in Scandinavia a region in Europe. Coloud Headphones were created with the philosophy that "Perfection is reached not when there’s nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away". 

From the very start, the idea was to create a powerful headphones that are reliable and functional designed to deliver your dose of music with no-nonsense sound and no unnecessary details.  The inspiration of its triangular logo is the "PLAY" symbol, also represents the brand's mantra "Always ready to play when you are". 

Coloud's "The Hoop" Launch 

November 2015, Present. Coloud has made the athletes and the active people's life easier by having The Hoop in their product line. Developed with the urban adventurer in mind. Every feature is optimized; lightweight ear headphones with reflective cable, sweat-resistant earbuds and great design with useful features that you'll need.

A headset that doesn't fit you well can slow you down. And I know the feeling, that's why I prefer over the ear headphones than earbuds kind of stuff. But that's the reason why the Hoop comes with an adjustable support loop that helps keep the earpieces from slipping out of your ear. Adjust the size of the AnchorLoop to find the perfect fit and keep the earpiece secured in your ear while exercising. All without sacrificing the rich sound and deep bass for full music experience. 

MIC & REMOTE - Microphone and remote compatible with most 3.5mm standard devices*
REFLECTIVE CABLE - Makes you more visible.

CABLE CLIP - Attach to clothing to reduce friction noise.
For late-night runs, the reflective cable makes you visible and the lightweight cable clip snaps onto your clothing reduces friction noise and holds the cable in place at all times.

Most music players today are also cellphones the Hoop has a built-in microphone and remote onto the flat cable made from TPE – a feature that’s handy in the real world. Perfect for talking on the move, you can answer or end a call, adjust the volume as well as forward and rewind your music using the 3 Click Microphone without unlocking your phone.

ZOUNDLASSO - Wrap up your cable and fasten it in place.
Like the rest of the Coloud products, The Hoop comes with handy features such as the flat cable and ZoundLasso – the solution for a tangle-free life. The pliable plug bends 180 degrees to hold your cable in place when you aren’t using your headphones, and its angled design protects against breakage at the connection point. Just wrap the flat cable around the ZoundLasso and secure it with the pliable angled plug.

ANCHORLOOP - Adjustable the size of the AnchorLoop to keep it secured in your ear.
COLORS - Solid Black, Neon Orange, Electric Lime

The Hoop is built to handle your favorite workouts. Go ahead, push yourself to the limit without worrying about your headset. Get outside and get fit while the Hoop serves up the music that motivates you.

Driver: 13.6 mm dynamic
Sensitivity: 100mV @ 1kHz = 101 dB SPL,
Impedance: 32 ohm, 
Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 
Weight: 20g / 0,70oz

Coloud Headphones
I bet you want it?

The Hoop is available in selected Digital Walker and Beyond the Box outlets nationwide.