Meat District was born out of the passion for premium high-quality gourmet meat we all crave. Our products are distinctively tasty as they are made in controlled batches with fresh ingredients and spices, without artificial flavors, colors, fillers or extenders to ensure maximum flavor.

We take pride in our craft and maintain out a time-tested and treasured recipe of specialty sausages and deli meats. Our delightful creation includes European sausages, Weiners, Bacon, Beef, Ham and even all-time Filipino favorites such as Beef Tapa, Chicken or Pork Longganisa, and Pork Sisig.

Founded in 2012 with its manufacturing facility based in Cainta, Rizal. Given a double certification from the National Meat Inspection (NMIS) follows strict compliance of both GMP and HACCP quality and sanitation standards.

Imported meat products were used at Meat District. Grown and sourced from the best of farms in the land down under, Australia and also Brazil. Packaging comes in frozen, vacuum sealed and flown in from its origin to ensure freshness. They also take pride in supporting local farmers and Philippine Swine Industry for product variations.

Over past 4 years, our product range has steadily grown from a handful of specialty sausages to more than 30 delicious varieties of premium gourmet meat, proof of growing number of customers that enjoy the consistent quality Meat District delivers daily. -Meat District History

I was invited for a product launch and food tasting event of Meat District. In a way, I'm so excited because processed food is a good way to go during busy days or when your fridge run out the usual stuff. But as a mom of 3 kids, I am also mindful of the not so good stuff about processed food. So all eyes and ears go to Meat District as they go on with their presentation.

I've noticed that the Meat District products are not the usual red-red thingies. That's a good sign, right? No OA colorants. Alam mo naman pag mommies na usisera sa mga bagay. dapat safe, dapat healthy, and most important of all dapat masarap.

Meat District products are already out in the market but not sold as packs or seen at the shelves of your neighborhood grocery stores. It's being served at hotels and restaurants for all we know. But just recently Meat District is open for resellers and distributors with business plans that might interest you. Visit and you may contact them know more about it.

About the taste of Meat District products:
Tried their weiners, lean ham, garlic beef tapa and chicken tocino and I enjoyed everything. 
will post a separate food review soon...

Check this out! 
Just some of the Meat District Product Line
Meat District Products
Meat District Lean Ham

Meat District Lean Ham in 250grams
Meat District Weiners 4.5inch Jumbo
Meat District Pork Tocino in 500grams
Meat District Chicken Longaniza in 500grams
Meat District Beef Tapa in 500grams

Meat District Country Breakfast Sausage
Meat District Schublig Sausage
Meat District Honey Cured Bacon Sliced in 500grams
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